Tamil Movie Ah Aah Anbe Aaruyire Video Songs

Tamil Movie Ah Aah Anbe Aaruyire’s Video Songs

Directed by Surya S.J.     

Writing credits: Rathnakumar 

Dialogue: Surya S.J 

Screenplay: Surya S.J.

Tamil Movie Ah Aah: Anbe Aaruyire starts with Shiva (S.J. Surya) and Madhu (Nila) belong to middle class families and live in the same apartment. Shiva works as a press reporter. Both fall in love but decide to get married after the earn enough money to secure their lives but their parents do not approve of their love.

Anbe Aaruyirae Song

Maramkothiye Song

Thazhuvudu Song

Thigu Thigu Song

Varugiraai Song

Mailegre Mailegre Song

Owing to his erratic work timing, Shiva comes home late everyday and this creates a rift between the two lovers. In the mean time, Madhu plans to start a restaurant with her friend's brother which creates a bigger misunderstanding between the two.

Madhu, being not able to take it any more, leaves Shiva and goes to her parent's house. As they live without each other, their fond memories unite them.