Tamil Movie Aadhavan Video Songs

Tamil Movie Aadhavan Video Songs

Banner: Red Giant Movies,

Production: Udhayanidhi Stalin,

Star-casts: Surya, Nayanthara, Vadivelu, Saroja Devi, Rahul Devi, Murali, Shayaji Shinde, Ramesh Khanna, Alex and others,

Music: Harris Jayaraj 

Aadhavan (Surya), a sharpshooter works for Shayaji Shinde, a deadly gangster. Aadhavan is assigned to bump of a magistrate (Late Actor Murali) as he would reveal the list of baddies involved in organ racketeering of underprivileged children. Now, after missing the first chance of his target on the magistrate, Aadhavan makes his presence into his house of joint family holidaying at Kolkatta and hatches plans to kill them. What happens next is the unexpected twists and turns with a surprising climax. 

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