Tamil Short Film Un Paarvaiyil Year 2020

Un Paarvaiyil - Tamil Short Film 2020 | By Arun


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Un paarvaiyil film explores the complicated relationship between a Christian Tamil boy, john, and a Muslim Tamil girl, Zaira from Mumbai. John falls in love with Zaira only to be met by her indifference and reluctance as they belong to different religions and her strict gangster dad will never consent to their union. Things change when his dad identifies their love. On another end, Zaira's dad already had a gang war that resulted in violence reflected in their love story at the end of the movie.

Written and Directed by - Arun

Cast - Prem | Ambrita |Tamil | Mithun | Vikram |Justin | Mari | Celina | Akshay | Ajith | Mohan | Charles | David |

Produced by - Arun Film Production

Lyrics - Karthik raja

Music Director - Sakshat Redeker (Tamil), Rahul (Hindi)

Cinematographer - Aditya Jangid

Editing - Screenplay - Story - Background Sound Mixing - Arun

Art Direction - Un Paarvaiyil team

Dubbing studio - Sudhakar studio (Mumbai)

Singers - Sakshat Redeker ( Tamil) , Rahul ( Hindi)

Un Paarvaiyil - a tale of love emotions action and a complete love film.

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