Tamil Movie Vaidehi Kalyanam Year 1991

Tamil Movie Vaidehi Kalyanam Year 1991 

Vaidehi's sister is married to an alcoholic and though she is from a rich family, she is abused by her husband. Her sister wishes that Vaidehi shouldn't suffer the same plight. So she asks her parents to take great care while choosing a husband for her younger sister. Unaware of this, Vaidehi falls in love with Kalyanasundaram, who is their servant.


Meanwhile, the story reveals interesting information of the past. We learn that Vasanthi (Rekha) and Rajamanikkam (Sarath Kumar), Vaidehi's father, had been lovers. They also have a child out of this affair. But Rajamanikkam refuses to acknowledge that it is his child, since he is already married. Disheartened, Vasanthi moves away from him and rears the child alone.

Incidentally, Vasanthi is Kalyansundaram's neighbor and is amongst the first to learn of his love for Vaidehi. Meanwhile, Rajamanikkam is enraged when he learns of her love affair with Kalyansundaram. In order to avoid their love story from proceeding further, he decides to get his daughter married to a Doctor, who is actually a rogue.

Vasanthi on the other hand, takes a bold step by stepping up to unite Kalyanasundaram and Vaidehi. Is this Vasanthi's way of taking revenge on Rajamanikkam? Or will Vaidehi sacrifice her love over her father's autocratic decisions and pretentious ways?

Released: 1991

Running time: 2:19:47 

Starring: Sarath Kumar, Rekha, Ramarjun, Uthara, Delhi Ganesh, Goundamani, Senthil, Ilavarasan, Kavita

Directed by: Manivasakam  

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