Tamil Movie Justice Viswanathan Year 1971

Tamil Movie Justice Viswanathan Year 1971  

Justice Vishwanathan (Sunderrajan) commits a murder in a running train. The only witness to this is a young lady, Sandhya (Shakuntala) who promises Vishwanathan that she will not speak up. But when the Police investigates, Sandhya offers to identify the murderer if and when he is caught by them. Sandhya starts working as a governess for a child.

Tamil Movie Justice Viswanathan

She is shocked when she finds out that her employer is none other than Vishwanathan himself. When she decides to speak to the Police, Vishwanathan threatens to kill her only sister. Meanwhile, Sandhya falls in love with Gopi, Vishwanathan's brother, who is a Police officer himself. But she is unable to get any help from him, either. When she is helplessly looking for a way out, she meets Kapali (Ravichandran) who is also nurturing enemity against Vishwanathan. She throws open her secret to him. He runs to fetch the Police and get Vishwanathan arrested. But Sandhya regrets her actions when she hears Vishwanathan's side of the story. What next ?  

Directed by: G. R. Nathan

Produced by: Modern Theatres Ltd

Written by: A. L. Narayanan

Starring: Ravichandran, Major Sundarrajan, C.I.D.Sakunthala, Manimaala, Thengai Srinivasan, Manohar, Venniradai Moorthy

Music by: Vedha

Cinematography: G. R. Nathan

Editing by: L. Balu

Release Date: 1971

Running time: 143 mins

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