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Makkal Medai is a Tamil talk show. It brings together polarized sections of the society and allow them to debate on a topic that affects ...


Makkal Medai - Bhagavad Gita Surfaced At Former President Kalam's Statue 01/Aug/2017

Makkal Medai - 2017 Discussion About MK Stalin And Ramadoss 31/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Discussion About State And Central Government 29/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Stalin Arrested Ahead Of Protest Against NEET 28/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Why is Vande Mataram song compulsory? 27/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - President Ram Nath Kovind's Speech In Parliament 26/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Neet Exam News 26/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Will NEET Exams For Engineering Be Compulsory Tamil Nadu In 2018? 26/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - MP Demands Salary Hike Amid Serious Debate In Parliament 22/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Kamal Haasan VS Tamil Nadu Ministers 21/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - TN MLAs' Salary Hiked to Rs 1.05 Lakh 20/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Venkaiah Naidu Rewarded For More Than Loyalty To Modi 19/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - TN Minister To Kamal Haasan 18/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Ore sand loot for years | Court order action 17/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Medical Admissions 15/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Sasikala Corruption Case 14/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Appointment Of District Judges 13/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - DMK-AIADMK strong debate | We will restore Kachchathivu: Minister Jayakumar 12/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - 2017 Hot Discussion About State And Central Government 11/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Assembly 2017 10/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Sri Lankan law affecting Tamil Nadu fishermen - letter to PM Modi 08/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Grant request on police - Assembly debate-echo 07/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Kiran Bedi Nominates 3 BJP Leaders As MLAs 06/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - Beat the public on the struggle of Karamathangalam 05/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - 1080 theaters in Tamilnadu closed 04/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - GST line: Imagination and Truth

Makkal Medai - Midnight Makeover: Adoption of GST 01/Jul/2017

Makkal Medai - These Big Names Will Attend The Midnight GST Launch 30/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Corruption 29/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About BJP 28/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Cold War between the supporters of Edappadi Palaniasamy-Dinakaran 27/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - NEET Results 2017 26/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - TN Assembly DMK Stalin Request Denied 24/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - AIADMK Merger Highlights 23/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Current Tamil Nadu Politics 23/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - DMK stages walkout in Protest Against Speaker P Dhanpal 22/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Presidential Election 2017 highlights 20/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About 50 Years Since Dravidian Rule Began In Tamil Nadu 19/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - DMK Leader Stalin Arrested 15/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - I'm in the video; Voice is mine: Saravanan 14/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About AIADMK 13/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Firing on farmers in Madhya Pradesh 12/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Politician Vaiko Refused Entry Into Malaysia 10/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - RK Nagar Has Not Improved For Holding Bypoll: Election Commission 09/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - EC Nazim Zaidi Announced President Of India Elections Date 08/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - 2017 Hot Discussion About AIADMK 06/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Karunanidhi Diamond Festival 05/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - AIADMK Symbol Case: Delhi Court Grants Bail To TTV Dhinakaran 03/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - Chennai Silks Building Is Collapsed In Fire Accident T.Nagar Chennai 02/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - IIT Madras Students Organise Beef Festival 01/Jun/2017

Makkal Medai - 2017 Hot Discussion About GST Taxation 31/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Coordinator of the May 17 movement arrested Tirumurugananda 31/May/2017

Makkal Medai - BEEF FESTIVAL: Violent Kerala Youth Protesting Ban 29/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion 3 Years of Narendra Modi Government 27/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Three Years Of Modi Government 25/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami To Meet PM Modi 24/May/2017

Makkal Medai - AIADMK One Year Achievement 23/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Protest Against Tasmac Shop Turns Violent 22/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Superstar Rajinikanth Fantastic speech about politics 20/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Intimidating IT employees - What's going on in the IT field? 19/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Rajinikanth and TN politics | Meets Fans After 8 Years 18/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Income Tax Raid In Tamilnadu 17/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Striking the third day - civilians suffer 16/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Karunanidhi Diamond Festival 16/May/2017

Makkal Medai - General Elections are no longer the rank: Minister Chengottai 13/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Transport staff strike workshop 12/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Illegal Relationship 11/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Chennai Vadapalani Fire Accident 09/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Securing restrictions on unauthorized housing in Tamil Nadu 08/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Election Commission 05/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Neet Exam 04/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About AIADMK Merger 03/May/2017

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Minister Jayakumar invites Panneerselvam for Talks

Raj TV Serial Makkal Medai Player 1 30/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Palaniswami Government's Controversial Report On Tamil Nadu Farmers Suicide 29/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Kerala Minister MM Mani Controversial Remarks on Tamil Women 28/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - AIADMK's Dinakaran Arrested Close To Midnight, VK Sasikala's Posters Come Down 27/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Edappadi Palani Swamy Vs Stalin 26/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai Player 1 25/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Player 1 23/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Hindi Could be Compulsory till Class 10 in all CBSE Schools  22/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - AIADMK Merger Highlights 20/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - First Victory Says O Panneerselvam As VK Sasikala Is Sidelined By AIADMK 19/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Player 1 17/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Farmers Protest Completes a Month in the Capital 15/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Tamil Puthandu 2017

Makkal Medai - DSP Slaps Woman Protester In Tirupur 13/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Farmers Strip Near PMO In Protest 12/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Election Commission cancels RK Nagar by-elections in Chennai

Makkal Medai - Chennai's RK Nagar By-Election Cancelled By Election Commission 11/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Income Tax Raids On Tamil Nadu Minister C Vijayabaskar, Actor Sarathkumar 08/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai -  G.K.Vasan Supports Madhusudan 07/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Ahead Of RK Nagar By-Poll In Tamil Nadu, 15 Lakh Seized And 28 Men Arrested 06/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - EC Transfers Officials In RK Nagar 06/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - R.K.Nagar Election safty, more armed force 04/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Election Commission Transfers all Officials Involved in RK Nagar Bypoll 03/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Lorry Owners Strike Likely to Cause Rs 1500 Crore Revenue Loss 02/Apr/2017

Makkal Medai - Player 1 31/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Farmers Intensify Protest, Eat Snakes In Delhi 30/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Rajini Thanks Sri Lankan Tamils for Support 29/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - 62 Candidates Contesting In RK Nagar By-Election 28/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Superstar Rajinikanth Cancels Sri Lanka Trip Following Protest 27/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - RK Nagar bypoll: Panneerselvam Faction to Contest as AIADMK Puratchi Thalaivi Amma 24/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - AIADMK Party Symbol Issue  23/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Illayaraja's Legal Notice To SPB 21/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Budget 2017-18 : Highlights  17/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - TTV Dinakaran Is AIADMK Candidate For RK Nagar By-Election 16/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - BJP Announces Observers For UP, Uttarakhand, Manipur - Amit Shah 15/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Protests For Ration Shops In TN 14/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Assembly Election Results 2017 Highlights: UP, Punjab, Goa, Uttarakhand, Manipur 13/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - By-election To RK Nagar Constituency Scheduled For April 12 10/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Investigate Jayalalithaa's 'Mystery' Death, Says O Panneerselvam, On Hunger Strike 09/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Indian Fisherman Shot Dead By Sri Lankan Navy 08/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Former TN CM Jayalalitha Death Report - Hot Discussion 07/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - India's Annual Economic Growth 7 Percent In December Quarter 06/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Minister Sengottaiyan Talks About Neet Exam 02/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami To Meet PM Modi 01/Mar/2017

Makkal Medai - Neduvasal Hydrocarbon Project Agitation Fuels More Protests In Pudukkottai 28/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - O. Panneerselvam Recommends Inquiry Into Jayalalithaa’s Death 27/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - 2017 Hot Discussion About Political 24/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - 2017 Hot Discussion About Stalin Vs Panruti Ramachandran 23/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu CM Sanctions Rs 2,247 Crore Drought Relief 22/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - Trust Vote In Tamil Nadu Assembly 21/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - Trust Vote In TN Assembly 19/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Governor C.Vidyasagar Rao Vs O. Panneerselvam

Makkal Medai - O .Panneerselvam And Edappadi K. Palaniswami

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Governor Appoints Edappadi K.Palaniswami As TN Chief Minister

Makkal Medai - Supreme Court Judgement Sasikala Convicted Of Corruption

Makkal Medai - O .Panneerselvam And Sasikala

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Governor C. Vidyasagar Rao Meets O. Panneerselvam 09/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - O Panneerselvam Vs Sasikala 09/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - O Panneerselvam Vs Sasikala 08/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - Bhavani Check Dam Issue: TN To Move Supreme Court 05/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - Chennai Oil Spillage 04/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - Highlights Union Budget 2017-18 03/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion about Country's Economic Growth! 01/Feb/2017

Makkal Medai - Federal Budget 2017 | Federal Budget on February 1 31/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Higher Officers Of The Harassment 29/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Jayalalitha & Central Government Plan 28/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Dumping of foreign soft ground struggle Battleground 27/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Chennai Riots: cottage, vehicles - fire damage to public property 27/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Jallikattu Violence In Chennai 25/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Chennai Triplicane police station on fire flares 24/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Jallikattu Support Youngsters  21/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu CM O Panneerselvam To Meet PM Modi 20/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Jallikattu in favor of young people over Tamil insurgency struggle mounts 19/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Deepa Vs Sasikala 18/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu: More Than 500 People Detained For Protesting In Support Of Jallikattu 17/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Jallikattu debate - jallikattu happen in the state? Not even? 13/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Jallikattu 2017 12/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Jallikattu in the state possible? Not even? 10/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Mamata Banerjee To Take Cash Crunch Fight To BJP'S Turf 09/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Farmers Suicide & Death 07/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Assembly Elections & Budget 2017 06/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Second-Rung DMK And AIADMK Leaders 05/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Series of suicides by farmers, debate on state governments 04/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Caste, religion, the Supreme Court banned the use to collect ballot 03/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Farmers Suicide & Death 02/Jan/2017

Makkal Medai - Jayalalithaa death! Madras High Court judge's Action! 31/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Doubts about her death - Court orders 30/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Former TN Chief Secretary Ram Mohan Rao Press Meet 28/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - 2004 Tsunami: Tamil Nadu Observes 12th Anniversary Of Tragedy 27/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Going Digital At Once Is Impossible: Puducherry CM 24/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Chief Secretary of the State Income Tax raid on the house ..

Makkal Medai - IT Raid CBI Arrests Against Sekhar Reddy, Two Associates In Chennai 22/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - AIADMK And DMK Internal Strifes 21/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu CM O. Panneerselvam To Meet PM Narendra Modi 20/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - What Is Social Media ? 17/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Indian Parliament House Meeting 16/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Cauvery water Issue - Supreme Court again ordered the government of Karnataka 10/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - AIADMK Next General Secretary 09/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Currency note issue continued freezing Parliament 08/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Jayalalitha Dead: Amma No More | Jayalalithaa Funeral: President, PM, CMs, Opposition 07/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Mamata Banerjee Leaves Bengal Office After 30 Hours Amid Row Over Army 03/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - India Supreme Court Orders All Movie Theaters To Play National Anthem 02/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Braces For Cyclone Nada 01/Dec/2016

Makkal Medai - Terrorist Training for Youngsters in South Zone 30/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Cash Chaos Derails Parliament Proceedings, Lok Sabha Adjourned Again 29/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Former Cuban Leader Fidel Castro Dies 28/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Parliament Adjourned | 500,1000 26/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Eradicate the black money, 500, 1000 banknotes invalid 25/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - PM Modi Demanding Response In Parliament Over Currency Withdrawal 24/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - AIADMK Wins all 3 Seats in Assembly Elections 23/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Commission to change old banknotes | 5 arrested for bank staff 22/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Polling Begins For By-Elections In Tamil Nadu, Puducherry 21/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - India High Court Refuses To Halt Ban On Rs 500, 1000 Currency Notes 19/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Indian Fishermen Shot At By Sri Lankan Navy 18/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Mamata Banerjee Rattled By Government's Blow To Black Money: BJP 17/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Byelection 16/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - PM Narendra Modi's Goa Visit 15/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Rs 500, Rs 1000 campaign, what of ordinary people across the country? 14/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Rs.500 Rs.1000 Ban In India 12/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Rs 500, Rs 1000 to transform the work intensity 11/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Rs.500, Rs.1000 Notes Banned 10/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Uday National Food Security 09/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Air Pollution Levels In Delhi 08/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Law & Order Situation Has Worsened Over The Years, Says Ramadoss 05/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Ex-armyman's Suicide: Police Prevent Rahul From Marching To India Gate 04/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - 8 Members Of Banned SIMI Killed Hours After Jailbreak In Bhopal 03/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - 60 years after separation from a linguistic states 02/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - New Education Policy 2016 01/Nov/2016

Makkal Medai - Advantages and disadvantages of celebrating Diwali? 31/Oct/2016 

Makkal Medai - Start date announcement northeast monsoon in Tamil Nadu? 28/Oct/2016 

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Can't Stop Private Law Colleges: Madras High Court 27/Oct/2016 

Makkal Medai - Cauvery Issue: DMK Convened All-Party Meeting Not For Political Mileage 26/Oct/2016 

Makkal Medai - Cauvery Issue: DMK Convenes All-Party Meet On Oct 25 25/Oct/2016 

Makkal Medai - Election in Thanjavur, Aravakurichi & Thiruparankundram on Nov 19 22/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Omni ban on bus fare hike: HC orders action 21/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - PM Modi Said 'Jai Shree Ram' In Lucknow 20/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Cauvery: SC Asks Karnataka To Release Water To TN 19/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Aravakurichi, Thanjavur Polls To Be Held On Nov. 19 18/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Goa Declaration At 8th BRICS Summit 17/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Law Commission & Central Government 15/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Cauvery issue: Minister opies. Stalin's sudden encounter 14/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Panneerselvam Gets Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's Portfolios 13/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Congress, BJP 12/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Tanikkutittanattirku force the wife to divorce 11/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Rahul Gandhi Visits Apollo Hospital Jayalalitha 08/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Supreme Court Relents On Cauvery Management Board 07/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Madras High Court Cancels Tamil Nadu Local Body Poll Notification 05/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Constitute Cauvery Management Board: TN Urges Centre 04/Oct/2016

Makkal Medai - Cauvery Dispute: Karnataka CM To Meet Uma Bharti 30/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Cauvery Issue: Uma Bharti Convenes Meeting With Karnataka, TN Governments 29/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - SC Directs Karnataka To Release 6,000 Cusecs Of Water To Tamil Nadu For 3 Days 28/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Civic Body Elections To Be Held In Two Phases On Oct 17 ,19 27/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Hindu Leaders Brutal Killing In Tamil Nadu 24/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu open the case 23/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Cauvery Dispute: SC Tells Karnataka To Give TN 6000 Cusecs Daily Till 27 Sept 22/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Discussion About Tamil Nadu Local Election 21/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Swathi Murder Accused Ramkumar's Suicide 20/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Bandh 2016 17/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Bandh 2016 16/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Tamil Nadu Local Elections 15/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Cauvery Water Issue 14/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Cauvery Water Dispute 13/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Registration not authorized to do household manaikalai 10/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Railways To Introduce Surge Pricing For Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto Trains 09/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - T.K Rajendran In Tamil Nadu DGP 08/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Cauvery Water Release Issue 07/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Player 1 06/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Supreme Court Directs Karnataka To Release 15,000 Cusecs Water For Tamil Nadu

Raj TV - Vaimayin Vatham Player 1 05/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai Player 1 03/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai Player 1 02/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - CM Jayalalithaa Completes 100 Days 01/Sep/2016

Makkal Medai - Player 1 31/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Legislative Assembly 30/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Kerala Plans Dam Across Siruvani River 27/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai Player 1 26/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Supreme Court Issues Notice To Tamil Nadu Chief Minister 25/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Discussion on Congress Ex. M.P. Ramya's Controversial Statement about Pakistan 24/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly 23/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - 2016 Hot Discussion About State Government Workers 22/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - PV Sindhu Vs Carolina Marin | Rio Olympics 2016 20/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - 2016 Hot Discussion About Kaveri River Issue 19/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - MK Stalin Carried Out Of Tamil Nadu Assembly 18/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Mekedatu Dam Project 17/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Special | Kumari Ananthan's Exclusive Interview 2016 16/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day Speech Highlights 2016

Makkal Medai - 35 Day Curfew In Srinagar Kashmir 13/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Investments in development of industry at state? Decline 12/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Rs. 5 Crore Cash Lifted From Train To Chennai 10/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Calling for release of 32 men arrested in Andhra Pradesh 09/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Importance Of The Future Of Agriculture 08/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly 06/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - The functions of the State Legal Council scheming? 05/Aug/2016 

Makkal Medai - GST To Make Tax Evasion Very Difficult: Arun Jaitley 04/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Medical Entrance Exam Scandal 03/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Sasikala Pushpa-Tiruchi Siva Case 02/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - Farmer Srinivasan Death In Palar 01/Aug/2016

Makkal Medai - 2016 Hot Discussion About Tamil Nadu Price Hike 30/Jul/2016 

Makkal Medai - Aadhaar Card is Important 29/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai - Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Case 28/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai Player 1 27/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai - Lawyers Struggle In Chennai 26/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai - AAP MP Mann Apologizes For Parliament Video 23/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Budget 2016-17 22/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai - Thiruvalluvar Statue Uttarakhand Issue 21/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai - 2016 Hot Discussion About Politician 20/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai - Thirumavalavan Seeks CBI Probe Swathi Murder Case 19/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai PM Modi Chairs 11th Meeting Of Inter-State Council 16/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai 2016 Hot Discussion About Bharatiya Janata Party 15/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai Supreme Court Reinstates Congress Government In Arunachal Pradesh 14/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai Player 1 12/Jul/216

Makkal Medai Player 1 08/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai DMK Lost Polls Due To Conspiracy Karunanidhi 07/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai 2016 Hot Discussion About Money Laundering 06/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai 2016 Hot Discussion About Central Government and State Government 05/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai CM Jayalalithaa Objects to Increase in Height of Palar Dam 03/Jul/2016

Makkal Medai Player 1 29/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Infosys Techie Swathi Murdered at Nungambakkam 28/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai EVKS Elangovan Resigns At TNCC President 27/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Tamil Nadu Assembly 2016 24/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai TN Legislature 2016 23/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Special Features of the Union Budget for the Year 22/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa Meets PM Modi 21/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Player 1 19/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Efforts To Bring Back Nokia In Tamil Nadu: Governor K Rosaiah 18/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai State Assembly - The Governor Speak Rocaiyya 17/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Jayalalithaa Meets Modi With List Of 29 Demands 15/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Player 1 11/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai 2016 Hot Discussion About Engineering Students 10/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai New Law For Lawyers 09/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai 2016 Hot Discussion About Tamil Nadu Election 07/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Hot Discussion About State Government 02/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Rs 570 Crore Cash Seized In Tirupur 01/Jun/2016

Makkal Medai Player 1 27/May/2016

Makkal Medai Tamil Nadu Voters Turnaround At 73.76 18/May/2016

Makkal Medai Tamil Nadu Election Updates 2016 17/May/2016

Makkal Medai Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2016

Makkal Medai Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2016

Makkal Medai - TN Election Updates 2016

Makkal Medai - TN Election Updates 2016

Makkal Medai - TN Election Updates 2016

Makkal Medai - Supreme Court Approves NEET For Admission In MBBS

Makkal Medai - TN Election Updates 2016

Makkal Medai - Latest Uttarakhand High Court Updates

Makkal Medai - TN Election Updates 2016

Makkal Medai - Hot Discussion About TN Election Updates 2016

Makkal Medai - Ramadoss Releases Election Manifesto

Makkal Medai - 2016 Hot Discussion About Successor Government

Makkal Medai - TN Election Updates 2016

Makkal Medai - Nasim Zaidi's Announcement

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Elections 2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Elections 2016

Makkal Medai - Vijayakanth Expels 10 DMDK Functionaries

Makkal Medai - AIADMK Releases List Of Candidates For Assembly Polls

Makkal Medai - AIADMK Fumes At Piyush Goyal

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Elections 2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Elections 2016

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Fishermen Attacked By Sri Lankan

Makkal Medai - Udumalpet Shankar Murder

Makkal Medai - Vijayakanth's DMDK Announces About Election 2016

Makkal Medai - 2016 Hot Discussion About Tamil Nadu Election 2016

Makkal Medai - Vijay Mallya At His Country Home Near London?

Makkal Medai - 2016 Hot Discussion About Voters

Makkal Medai - Tamil Nadu Assembly Election To Be Held On May 16

Makkal Medai - 5 States Assembly Election In 2016

Makkal Medai - Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Case

Makkal Medai - AIADMK Stalls Parliament Over Karti Chidambaram Issue

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