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Koppiyum shows the paranormal happenings around Tamil Nadu and this show is all about real events, real people. Enjoy watching this show at Tamilo.com, please tell your friends and family to visit Tamilo.com for their one stop Tamil Entertainment website.Koppiyam - Misappropriation of money to the friend's money 30/Oct/201Koppiyam - The victim is a victim of bail 31/Oct/201

Koppiyam - It's a terrible accident! 03/Dec/2018

Koppiyam - Love with a girl who came to recharge phone

Koppiyam - The bridge was conducted by Valli 01/Dec/2018

Koppiyam - Woe to the woman who lost her heart through Facebook

Koppiyam - Students degenerate by increasing drug addiction 28/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - Old man alone at this house tortured and killed 24/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - Minor girl loves and boiling father! 23/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - People who feared fear of the roulette 22/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - Husbands who are raped by a childless child 18/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - Nurse pooja was performed by the sage 17/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - DSP is unjust to the public 16/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - Dowry is a husband who raped his wife 15/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - Rape victim 14/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - The girls are fraudulent 12/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - Counterfeit contact! Businessman who killed his wife 10/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - Injustice to child to increase the magical power 09/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - School teacher was kidnapped and strangled 08/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - The girlfriend who died for excitement was dead 07/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - Disaster caused by the tearing of social hardships 05/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - The killing of dogs with poison 02/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - 3-year-old boy kidnapped from school 01/Nov/2018

Koppiyam - The victim is a victim of bail 31/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Misappropriation of money to the friend's money 30/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - The girl who goes to school is a transgressor 29/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Jaganmohan Reddy is a terrorist 27/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Actor Arjun sexual harassment on Kannada actress Shriya  26/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Anxiety disorder caused by sexual harassment 25/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Child Anxiety disorder caused by sexual harassment 25/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Injustice that prevents women from entering the temple! 24/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Case on Vairamuthu - Chinnamay Action 23/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Court ordered to remove water station occupations 22/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Disaster in the celebration of Bhagat Singh's birthday 20/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Student of the webmaster was a student of the faculty

Koppiyam - Clash with the actress husband of the actress 17/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Sexual complaints spread through online 17/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Brokers who sell dummy certificates in government offices 16/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Struggle in Kerala 14/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Go to save the beloved and kill the lover 13/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Lover who committed suicide by killing her boyfriend 12/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Nakheeran Gopal arrested in treason case 09/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Everyday suicides in the industrial town of Tirupur 07/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - The Supreme Court allowed women to go to Sabarimalai 05/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - The agony of the dead mother's body and the pooja 04/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Firing on a car with a girlfriend 03/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - A pair of mixed marriages 03/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - Excellence Supreme Court offering action verdicts 01/Oct/2018

Koppiyam - People shocked by the killings in Hyderabad 29/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - The disaster caused by abortion at home 28/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Karunas who blew up the chief by the hot flying word 27/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - College thoracic advocacy without adherence to discipline 26/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Pseudo-sage who made the pucca a long time with her husband 25/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Actress who tried to commit suicide due to stress 24/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Mercenary attack on the businessman 22/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Daughter of daughter who killed her husband's hubby's hubby 21/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Actress complained that Darcher was married to her 20/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Vinayagar is the king of the court in the procession 19/Sep/2019

Koppiyam - Persecution of girlfriend in a friend's office 18/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Political figures engaged in ad hoc actions 17/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - For ninety years the nuns were raped and threatened 15/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Married couple with love marriage 13/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Violence threatened by female officials 12/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Gudka affair and the officers who are trapped 11/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Being jealous and killing the girl 09/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Coimbatore Dowells suicide with the Chancellor's family 08/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Misappropriation of the money in the name of workers 07/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Sexual harassment for a woman with a head lover 06/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Chauvinist student against BJP in flight 05/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - A lady trapped in a fake shop 04/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Students of Chennai college students with Patta Kathi

Koppiyam - Romance with supportive actress car driver 01/Sep/2018

Koppiyam - Woman committed suicide by shooting at a police station 31/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Throwing a stone in the head of a friend is a horror 30/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Police arrested the student who stole railway material 29/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Horror of "MOMO" game spreading in Wats 28/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Sexual harassment for girls in private archives 27/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Student complained the professor was sexually harassed 25/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Lakh you cost millions! Boiling husband 24/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - A miracle that surprised civilians in a storm 23/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Fierce confrontation between gangsters and scuffle 22/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Unexplained Kerala rainfall - A Special View 21/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Sexual abuse for female children in private archives 20/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Vajpayee's death is the secular leader of the BJP 18/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - The girl refused to compromise and raped and killed 17/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - The horrific fear of knocking out the wife's throat 15/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Police arrested Thirumurugan Gandhi in Treason case 14/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Young people who are suddenly interested in traditional medicine 12/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Unjustified children become criminals 11/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Disaster caused by the way the young man was trapped in a fight 10/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Artist Karunanidhi 09/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - In the case of the smuggling of the officers 07/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - People who are shocked by the killings in New Delhi 06/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - False love affair in Pudukottai Collectorate office 04/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - False IPS is unjust because it can't be read and become police 03/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Actress on Coimbatore deputy commissioner intimidated by desire 02/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Father's Purity is a student who has sold fish 01/Aug/2018

Koppiyam - Actress Srirty has been arrested 31/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - Counter fraud by claiming to get government job 30/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - The owner of the hostel is the mystery of death 28/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - Thurur Madathipathy is a terrible mystery in death 27/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - In the case of adulteration of women in adultery 26/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - Terror of Taxi Driver 25/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - Freezing rape incidents in the country 24/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - The disaster caused by tearing monastery frauds! 23/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - Fire that burns the government school near Coimbatore 21/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - Unemployment rape by showing female 17/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - At midnight, 11 people were suicidal 05/Jul/2018

Koppiyam - Dishonesty of a friend's wife 29/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - 
Being hugging children is a cruelty 23/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - 
Fraudulent in the name of organ 14/Jun/2017

Koppiyam - Environmental impact on the Salem Green road to Chennai 13/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - The bearer of the cows was killed 11/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - Connect with the political party to switch off the ATM 09/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - Gang produced money in the jail 08/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - Illegal sand smuggling on the ballet shore 07/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - Increase the problem and destroy the relationship 06/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - The cinematic financier hijacked money 05/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - Government employee sexually harassed by college student 04/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - A mentally challenged child got punished 02/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - Horrific rape of couple who threatened to go to Goa 01/Jun/2018

Koppiyam - Jewelry robbery in bank locker 31/May/2018

Koppiyam - Complain about child sexual abuse 30/May/2018

Koppiyam - 144 Dismantling - Thoothukudi turned to normal 29/May/2018

Koppiyam - Like the Tamil Nadu, it is rumored to kidnap children in Karnataka 28/May/2018

Koppiyam - Father of the daughter of a secret romantic wedding 26/May/2018

Koppiyam - Internet service is freezing in 5 districts to prevent rumors 25/May/2018

Koppiyam - 13 dead in Thuthukudi fire 24/May/2018

Koppiyam - Due to the Sterlite Revolution 23/May/2018

Koppiyam - Accused of cheating in Tirupati administration 22/May/2018

Koppiyam - AIDS patient who murdered innocent girl 21/May/2018

Koppiyam - Parents who are passionate to the children's warmth 19/May/2018

Koppiyam - The disaster caused by an unrelenting relationship with a miner boy 18/May/2018

Koppiyam - Plundering the bank at gunpoint 17/May/2018

Koppiyam - The horror that The man kill his son 16/May/2018

Koppiyam - The sinking of the sand mafia 15/May/2018

Koppiyam - Injustice to kill innocent people 15/May/2018

Koppiyam - Injustice that the daughter had run away with the boyfriend 13/May/2018

Koppiyam - Women who are targeting the rich through the dating app 11/May/2018

Koppiyam - Police stabbed the sand fleet and killed 10/May/2018

Koppiyam - 1000 crores to the private banking system 08/May/2018

Koppiyam - A mystery of RTO Office Pune had 100 crores 07/May/2018

Koppiyam - Wife who boiled by her husband's illusory connections 05/May/2018

Koppiyam - Son committed suicide - Did not let his father live 04/May/2018

Koppiyam - The horror of a beloved knife! 03/May/2018

Koppiyam - Fraudulent in Tirupati trustee team appointment 02/May/2018

Koppiyam - Doctor who took the treatment of women 01/May/2018

Koppiyam - money got stolen from the bank account 30/Apr/2018