Tamil Movie Vaidehi Kathirunthal Year 1984

Super Hit Tamil Evergreen Tamil Romantic Hit Movie | Vaidehi Kathirunthal | Vijayakanth, Revathi


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Vellaisamy is an unkempt derelict who lives by the village temple doing menial jobs to survive but has an impressive singing ability. Vaidehi is a young widow who lives in the village with her sorrowing, alcoholic father. One day when some villagers spot Vellaisamy scribbling Vaidehi's name on the temple walls, rumours start circling.

When a distressed Vaidehi approaches and questions Vellaisamy, he reveals his tragic past and how he lost the woman of his affection, also named Vaidehi. Vellaisamy and Vaidehi now share a mutual respect for each other's melancholic lives but soon realise they need to work together to unite a young couple in love against the wrath of the whole village.


Vijayakanth as Vellaisamy
Revathi as Vaidehi, a widow
Goundamani as All in All Azhaguraja
Senthil as Komuti Thalaiyan
Pramila Joshai as Vaidehi, Vellaisamy's past lover[5]
Radharavi as Vellikizhamai Ramasamy
Sivankumar as Nataraj
bas Sengamalam
Kovai Sarala
TS. Raghavendra

Directed by: R. Sundarrajan
Produced by: Thooyavan & Panchu Arunachalam (presenter)
Written by: R. Sundarrajan
Music by: Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography: Raja Rajan
Edited by: M.Shrinivasan & B. Krishnakumar
Production company: Appu Movies