Is Bigg Boss turning out to be inappropriate for Tamil Nadu?

Bigg Boss

Is Bigg Boss turning out to be inappropriate for Tamil Nadu?: Bigg Boss has one of the most prominent TV reality shows, which has been famous for more than a decade. However, it came down to Tamil Nadu by last year with Kamal Haasan hosting it.

During the season 1, Kamal Haasan had mentioned pointing the program producers of the show saying, “The same show in North Indian states and languages had certain things beyond the limits, but when it comes to this part of India, it definitely needs a limit.” This was one of the reasons why, the video footage inside the smoking room wasn’t shown while Hindi, Telugu and other versions had it telecasted.

But it looks like the Bigg Boss Season 2 is turning out to be slightly inappropriate for Tamil Nadu audiences. The first episode that was telecasted last night had it blatantly evident, where the inner wears of the contestants were purposely held back.

Both the male and female contestants had to record their request into the cameras, which created a tongue on cheek kind of humour. This was slightly like an explicit content with awkwardness.

We need to wait and watch how Kamal Haasan reacts to this.