Devi 2 Movie Review


There’s always a situation, where an underdog filmmaker suddenly surprises you with a good movie or vice versa, where a top league filmmaker gives a flop movie. However, director Vijay belongs to a rare species, where all his movies belong to the below average league and even by miracles, they don’t surprise you of being a good one.

The same happens to be his today’s release ‘Devi 2’ that is a sequel to 2016 hit movie ‘Devi’, which had almost the same star-cast. In fact, Devi happens to be the only solace in the league of Vijay movies, where it managed to impress the audiences. However this one is a pure irritation, where we don’t even have a single moment to get engrossed.

The performance Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah are quite good. With the makers releasing the film simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, they are sure that it would get them decent collection bigger than their production cost. Nevertheless, Devi 2 is completely disappointing.


Rating: 1.5/5