Tamil Comedy Bhagyaraj

Bhagyaraj is a Producer, director, actor and writer Krishnasaamy Bhagyaraj is a well know person in Kollywood. In his career he has achieved Filmfare’s Best Actor Award for Mundhanai Mudichu. He was bone in January 7, 1953 in Vellankoil, Erode District Tamil Nadu in India.


He married twice. His first marriage was with actress Praveena, in 1981. She died due to an aggravated case of jaundice in August 1983. His second marriage was with actress Poornima Jayaram on 7 February 1984. She was his co-star in Darling Darling Darling (1983).[2] The couple have a daughter Saranya Bhagyaraj and a son Shanthnu Bhagyaraj.

He has also written and directed Telugu and Hindi films and TV serials. He won a Filmfare Best Actor Award for Mundhanai Mudichu (1983). He is editor of weekly magazine Bhagya and has also written several novels.

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