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Ayutha Ezhuthu - Will Election Be Held Neutrally..?  03/Apr/2019

Ayutha Ezhuthu - Quota for Economically weaker upper castes : Support and Opposition  24/Jan/2019

Ayutha Ezhuthu - Quota for Economically weaker upper castes : Support and Opposition  08/Jan/2019

Ayutha Ezhuthu - Will Sterlite be opened again?  08/Dec/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is BJP Cheating Farmers.? 01/Dec/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Pon Manickavel 2.0 : Will Ancient Idols be recovered..? 30/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Mekedatu Dam and Sterlite : What will TN Govt do...?  28/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : DMK’s strategy for 2019 : Alliance or Friendship?  26/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Politics in Cyclone Gaja Relief..? 22/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Politics in Gaja Cyclone And Dharmapuri convicts Release 21/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Thanthi TV Opinion Poll 20/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Cyclone Gaja : Relief & Expectation of TN 19/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Gaja Cyclone : Damages And Learnings 16/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Impact of Cyclone Gaja. 15/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  BJP - Strong Party ..? or Dangerous Party..?  13/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Spoken English in Govt Schools: Necessary or Decline for Tamil? 12/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Stalin-Chandrababu Naidu meet : BJP-AIADMK's Strategy...?  09/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Reason Behind Sarkar Controversy: Vijay Or AIADMK..? 08/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Is Thevar Magan 2 Movie Being Politicized..? 07/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Is Restriction on Bursting Crackers Govts' Failure..?  05/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Who is behind Nirmala Devi Issue..? 01/Nov/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Governor Statement on Nirmala Devi Case: Full stop or Confusion? 30/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Byelection in 20 Constituencies : Who will win..? 29/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : 18 MLAs Verdict : What's next for TTV Dhinakaran..? 25/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Confusion in Rajini Makkal Mandram..? 23/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : 18 MLAs in Courtallam : What's happening in AIADMK..? 22/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Women Enters Sabarimala : Devotion..? or Promotion...? 19/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sabarimala protests : Law vs Devotion 18/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK 47 : Achievements and Challenges...! 17/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sabarimala, MeToo Controversy : What is the Solution?  16/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Will Kamal Haasan's Political Formula Work...? 15/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Governor Statement on Nirmala Devi Case: Full stop or Confusion? 12/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Election Commission Case: Who owns AIADMK? 11/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sexual allegation against celebrities: what is reality? 10/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Who is afraid of by-elections? 08/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on What happened when O.Paneerselvam Met TTV Dhinakaran? 05/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on "Sabarimala, Mohan Lazarus Speech" 04/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Will ADMK disqualify 4 more TTV MLAs? 02/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : MGR Centenary Function : What was achieved..? 01/Oct/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : SC Allows Entry of Women in Sabarimala: Equal Rights or Intervention? 28/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sexual relationship after marriage: Right or Betrayal? 27/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK accuses DMK on Srilankan War: Politics or Ideology? 26/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Rafale Deal : Truth ? ... vs Politics ?  25/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Karunas Arrest : Legal Action..? or Politics..? 24/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Regulations for Thamirabarani Mahapushkaram 21/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  H.Raja and Karunas Speech : Freedom of Expression? or Publicity? 20/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Triple Talaq Ordinance : Support and Opposition.. 19/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : DMK's Corruption Charges against AIADMK Govt : True..? or Politics?  18/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  H. Raja High Court controversy : Politics or Promotion? 17/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Bad Loans : Who Should Be Blamed..? 14/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will ECI Accept Changes in AIADMK Constitution..? 13/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is Allegation Against Ministers, a Set Back for Govt..? 12/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : DMK-Congress, AIADMK-BJP Equation Changing..? 11/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Fuel Price Hike, Release of Rajiv Case Convicts - Who will decide? 10/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Section 377 Verdict : Support & Opposition..! 07/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Governor to decide on Rajiv convicts release: clarity or confusion ? 06/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion MK Alagiri's Rally & CBI Raids conducted across TN. 05/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sophia Issue : Freedom of Expression..? or Violation..? 04/Sep/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Compulsory Helmet Rule : What are the practical difficulties? 31/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Politics behind Karunanidhi Memorial Meeting 30/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TN politics : Who attracts the youth? 29/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Advantages and Challenges ahead of DMK's New Leader Stalin 28/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Challenges ahead for MK Stalin as DMK Chief 27/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Student Sexual Harassment Complaint Continues: What is the problem? 23/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK Executive Meeting: What is OPS-EPS's Plan..? 22/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Vacant Engineering Colleges : What is the Reason..? 21/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sexual Harassment in TN Police: What is the Solution..? 20/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : BJP Government : Vajpayee vs Modi 17/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Debate on PM and CM Independence Day Address 2018 15/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on DMK Executive Council and Rajinikanth Statement 14/aUG/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Terrorists in Tamil Nadu : Reason behind PM Modi's Remark? 13/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Karunanidhi - Struggles & Achievements 09/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Will Thiruparankundram be a turning point?  03/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : “Is this a Police State?” Discussion on HC Question to TN Govt 02/Aug/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  HC's Order on Civic Polls : Who is in Trouble? 31/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Modi govt : For Corporates or Farmers? 30/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on DMK Chief Karunanidhi’s Achievements 28/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Child birth using YouTube Video ends in Death : Ignorance or Crime? 27/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : ThanthiTv Opinion poll results:What is the Message for Political Parties?  26/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : DMK-Cong leads in Parliament Election Opinion Poll: What is the reason? 25/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : OPS Delhi Trip & Rajini-Kamal in Politics 24/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : 18 MLA Case Back in Focus: What is ADMK Strategy ? 23/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  No Confidence Motion : PM Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi 20/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Discussion on "Income Tax Raids & No Confidence Motion" 19/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on "IT Raids and Political Impact" 17/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is AIADMK-BJP Clash for 2019 Elections..? 16/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Actress being targeted for Prostitution : Who is Responsible..? 13/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  2019 Election : Alliance and strategies in Tamil Nadu 12/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on TN CAG Report 2017 11/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will TN Lokayukta eradicate corruption? 10/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Will Amit Shah's Visit bring a change in TN Politics..? 09/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Simultaneous polls for Centre and states : What are the issues? 07/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Cases against Salem-Chennai Green Corridor - Govt vs Parties  06/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Whatsapp Rumors - Who is Responsible for preventing? 05/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Chennai Encounter - Human Rights Violation? or Self-Defense? 04/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Continuous Attack on Police - How to stop it ? 03/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : One Year of GST: Gains and Losses 02/Jul/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Reason for Black Money increase and Rupee depreciation? 29/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Local Body Elections Delayed Again : What are the Consequences?  28/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Is India the most dangerous country for women? 27/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Law & Order situation in TN.. 26/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Opposition to TN governor’s inspection : which side is right..?  25/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Vijay’s new film Sarkar : Cinema or Politics ? 22/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Kamal Haasan meets Rahul : Is there a crack in DMK Alliance? 21/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will farmers income double in next 5 years..? 20/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Arrest for Protesting against Salem Expressway: Neccessary? or Violation?  19/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Split verdict in 18 MLAs case: Who will benefit..? 14/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu:  Discussion on Salem – Chennai Green Corridor Project 12/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Lateral entry for officers : Attempt to bring in RSS..? 11/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Pranab Mukherjee at RSS Event 08/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Rajinikanth’s Kaala - Cinema or Politics 07/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Cauvery - Kaala Issue : Advantage or Disadvantage for Rajinikanth..? 06/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Kamal Haasan - Kumaraswamy Meet : Progress? or Setback? 05/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Can TTV Dhinakaran capture AIADMK & TN Govt..? 04/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is By-Election Loss a Setback for BJP in 2019..? 01/Jun/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Opposition to Rajinikanth’s Speech : Reasonable ? Wrong understanding ?  31/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Discussion on "Rajinikanth's Speech about Thoothukudi Shooting" 30/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on "Thoothukudi Sterlite Protest To TN Assembly"  29/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sterlite Plant Closed: Conclusion? Or Complication? 28/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sterlite Protest : Where is the Solution..? 25/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Thoothukudi Violence : Is CM's Explanation Acceptable ? 24/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Who is Responsible for Sterlite Violence..? 22/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on ' Petrol/Diesel Price Hike' 21/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Karnataka Strategy Work in Parliamentary Election ? 19/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Floor Test in Karnataka Assembly : Will Democracy Be Saved..? 18/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Debate on 'Cauvery Issue & Karnataka Politics' 17/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Instability in Karnataka : Will TN get Cauvery? 16/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Debate on 'Karnataka Election Results 2018' 15/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Cauvery Draft Scheme 14/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Appeal in Gutkha Scam : Is TN Govt Having Double Standards..? 11/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Mob lynching in TN : Who is responsible? 10/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Politics in Kaala Songs : Is it Votebank Politics ? 09/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : JACTO-GEO Protest : Fair? or Excessive? 08/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : NEET Exam Mess : Who is responsible? 07/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Controversy over NEET Exam Centres 04/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Delay in Cauvery Case : What is the Solution..? 03/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Dinesh Suicide due to TASMAC: What Will the Govt do? 02/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Kamal’s Whistle App: Will it Solve People’s Issues? 01/May/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Telengana CM meets Stalin : Will there be a third front? 30/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : 11 OPS MLAs disqualification Case Verdict : Relief for EPS Govt? 27/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Gutka Scam : Is CBI Probe a setback for TN govt..? 26/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will TTV Dhinakaran tackle Dhivakaran? 25/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : ADMK-BJP alliance in future? Clash between Dinakaran-Dhivaharan? 24/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Death Penalty Prevent Sexual Offences..? 23/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Discussion on S Ve Shekher and H Raja controversies 21/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  IPL Protest for Cauvery : Will it apply for Cinema? 20/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Lokayukta Eradicate Corruption...? 19/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Cash Crunch : Temporary? or New Crisis? 18/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on 'TN Professor Nirmala Devi's Audio Row' 17/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Sexual Violence Against Women : Law vs Politics 16/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Cauvery Issue : Which type of protest is effective? 13/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Discussion on Cauvery Protest & PM Modi's Visit 12/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : IPL Protest: New Twist in Cauvery Issue ? 11/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Cricket Vs Cauvery: What is the impact? 10/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Cauvery Issue : Who will benefit through SC Order? 09/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Appointment of Anna Univ.Vice-Chancellor : Support & Opposition 06/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Changes in SC/ST Act : Need..? or Discrimination..? 04/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Will ADMK, Opposition Parties protest bring Cauvery..? 03/aPR/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Cauvery Management Board: Will Centre give in to pressure?  02/Apr/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Cauvery Management Board : How much longer should TN Wait ? 30/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Cauvery Deadline ends : What is Next? 29/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Cauvery Issue : Who is Cheating? 28/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Who is hesitating to Form Cauvery Management Board? 27/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Sterlite Protest : What is the truth? 26/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : One Year of EPS Govternment : Success or Failure..? 23/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Reason for Police Suicide : Work Load..? or Personal..? 22/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Periyar Statue Issue : Policy? or Politics? 21/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Rath Yatra : Religious Right or Law and Order Issue? 20/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : No confidence motion against Centre: What should AIADMK do?  19/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will TTV Dhinakaran's Party (AMMK) Survive? 17/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on TN Budget & Cauvery Resolution 15/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  From TN Budget to TTV Dhinakaran's Party Announcement 14/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sonia Gandhi's Dinner For Opposition : Who will Benefit?  13/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Theni Forest Fire : What is the reason? 12/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Cauvery Meeting in Delhi: Step Forward or Step back? 09/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Pregnant Lady Usha Death: What is TN Govt Going to do? 08/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Are Rajinikanth & Kamal Haasan targeting AIADMK's Votes.? 05/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : How to Stop Tamils Getting Arrested for Red Sander Smuggling? 02/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will problem be solved if Cauvery Management Board is set up? 01/Mar/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Arrest of karti Chidambaram : Drive against Corruption or Revenge? 28/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is Tamil Thai Vazhthu Controversy being exaggrated? 27/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : 48 Months of Modi vs 48 Years of Congress : Who gave better growth..? 26/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will PM Modi’s visit change Tamil Nadu Politics? 24/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Rajini & Kamal in Politics : Will Give a Change or Disappointment..? 23/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will All Party Meet Get Cauvery Water..? 22/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : "Discussion on Kamal Hassan Entry in TN politics" 20/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Discussion on Cauvery All-Party meeting and Kamal Politics 19/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : One year of EPS govt: Gains and Losses 17/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Pon Radhakrishnan speech on Terrorism in TN: Warning or Exaggeration? 15/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Snatching Cases in Chennai : What is Police Doing? 14/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Global Investors Meet in 2019 be useful? 13/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jayalalithaa's portrait in TN Assembly : Support and Opposition 12/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : ADMK Challenges Rajinikanth: Who will win 09/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Modi's Speech in LokSabha & Rahul's Criticism 08/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : OPS Dharmayudham : Completed..? or Continuing.? 07/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Corruption in Higher Education : When will it End..? 06/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Crisis for the Government on Vice Chancellor Arrest..? 05/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Fire Accident at Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple 03/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Are Parties getting ready for elections? 02/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Union Budget 2018 : Happy or Not? 01/Feb/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will BJP's "Dravidian Politics" work in Tamil Nadu ? 31/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Bus Fare Hike Protests: For People's Good Will or For Political Gains? 29/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Madhusudanan demands action: Dissatisfaction in ADMK? 26/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Demand for CBI probe in Gutka Scam: TN Govt under pressure?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Kamal Plans to Adopt Village: Will his Politics Work? 25/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Rajiv Case be investigated again? 24/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Is Election cash distribution uncontrollable?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is Release of Perarivalan and Other Convicts Feasible..? 23/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Kamal's Dravidam vs Rajini's Aanmeegam

Ayutha Ezhuthu : A. Raja's 2G Book : Will it lead to split in DMK-Congress? 22/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : What is the Alternate Solution for Bus Fare Hike?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is Tamil Nadu Bus Fare Hike Acceptable? 20/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : What is the Solution for Sand Quarries Issue..? 19/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : What is the reason behind increasing Students' Death? 18/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Vairamuthu - Andal controversy : When will it end? 

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Haj Subsidy Cancellation : Support & Opposition 17/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Kamal & Dinakaran's Party Announcement : Whom will it Affect?

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Kamal, Dhinakaran's New parties : What Will Be The Impact? 16/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Will Rajini - BJP Alliance Pose a Threat to Dravidian Parties ? 15/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TN Assembly : Did TN Govt tackle Opposition's Actions..? 12/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sengottaiyan For CM Controversy : Is there a Rift in AIADMK? 11/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Madhusudhanan's letter against Jayakumar : What is the Reason..? 10/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : What is the solution for Transport Workers Strike..? 09/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on Vairamuthu's controversial speech on Aandal

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Governor's Speech in TN Assembly : Support & Opposition 08/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TN Transport Workers Strike : Who is Wrong? 05/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : RK Nagar Bypoll Victory : TTV Dhinakaran vs Kamal Haasan

Ayutha Ezhuthu :  Rajinikanth, TTV Dhinakaran Entry: How will DMK, AIADMK Manage? 04/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Debate on 'Rajinikanth Meeting DMK Chief Karunanidhi 03/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Continuing Controversies over TN Governor's Inspection 02/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Reason behind Private Doctors' Strike?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : "Aanmeega Arasiyal" : Support and Opposition 01/Jan/2018

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Instant Triple Talaq Bill : Support & Opposition 29/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : TTV Dhinakaran in TN Assembly : Who is in crisis..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : DMK-Cong & ADMK-BJP Rifts : New Alliance equations? 28/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi  Player 1 27/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Rajinikanth Succeed in TN Politics..? 

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : TTV Dhinakaran's Entry in TN Assembly : Will ADMK Manage..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Dhinakaran wins in RK Nagar : Is the Govt in danger..? 25/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Will RK Nagar ByPoll Results Create Ripples in TN Politics? 22/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Discussion on 2G Case Verdict 21/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jayalalithaa Hospital Video Release : Sentiment or Politics..? 20/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Discussion on RK Nagar By-Election 19/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Rajinikanth To Meet his Fans Again: Kollywood or Politics..? 15/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is cash being distributed in RK Nagar By-Election..? 14/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Police Inspector Periyapandian Murder : Who's Guilty? 13/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Shankar Murder Case Verdict : Will Honour Killing Be Stopped..? 12/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Cyclone Ockhi : Fishermen protest at Kanyakumari : What is the Solution? 08/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is Election Commission Neutral..? 07/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Vishal's Nomination Rejected : Whose Mistake..? 06/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on 'One year without Jayalalithaa' 05/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : 7 key candidates in fray : Who will win RK Nagar ? 04/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Problems Continued by Storm: Delay in Solving ..? 02/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: yclone Ockhi hits Southern TN : Are TN Govt's Efforts Sufficient? 01/Dec/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: RK Nagar Bypoll Heats up : Who Will Win the Race? 30/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Gujarat Polls : Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Closing of Sand Quarries - Necessity or Not Necessary? 29/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Dinakaran MPs switch over: Will it help EPS? 28/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Students Suicide : Who Should Be blamed?

Ayutha Ezhuthu: EPS-OPS Rift : Will it Favour DMK in RK Nagar..? 27/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: R.K.Nagar By-Poll : Who Will Win..? 24/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Two Leaves Symbol Verdict : What will be TTV Dhinakaran's move..? 23/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Kandhu Vatti in Cine Industry : Who's Guilty..? 22/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Does Egg & Ration Sugar Price hike impact Govt schemes..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on No cut in Restaurant Bills after GST Slash 21/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on TN Governor's clarification after Inspection

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TN Govt's Actions & Opposition's Complaints 20/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi - Rahul Gandhi as Congress President : Advantages & Disadvantages

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is there Corruption in Electric Meter Tender..? 17/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : MLAs Disqualification Case : Hearing and Politics 16/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Deadly One-sided Love affairs - How to prevent?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Opposition for TN Governor's Inspection 15/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Income Tax Raid - Who Will Benefit..? 14/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi :'Discussion on alleged attack on fishermen by Indian Coast Guard'

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Black Money Eradication and its Secret 13/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi - Exemption for Highway Liquor Ban : Support and Opposition

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TN fails to attract Investments : What is the Reason? 11/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : GST Reduction : Political Mileage or People Welfare..? 10/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Impact of IT Raid in TN Politics..

Ayutha Ezhuthu : IT Raid on Sasikala : Anti-Black Money or Politics? 09/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : One Year Of Demonetization : Economic Development or Failure..? 08/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Kamal Haasan's Political Ambition be fulfilled? 07/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Rain Relief Works - Speed? or Bargain?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on PM's meet with DMK Chief Karunanidhi 06/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Minister's Allegations about Memes : Warning? or Realistic? 02/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Reason for Kamal Haasan's Hindu Terrorism Remark? 02/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Two Leaves Symbol and Opinion Poll : Who is stronger? 01/Nov/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : 2 Girls die of Electrocution - Who is responsible?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Chennai struggles in Rain : Who is responsible..? 31/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Two Leaves case Hearing 30/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Economic War : PM Modi vs Rahul Gandhi 27/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Nov 7 & Kamal's Political Entry..

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Cut-Out Ban 26/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu - Who is Responsible for 'Kandhu Vatti' Suicides..? 24/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi - Is Nov 8 a Black Day? Demonetization & its Effects

Ayutha Ezhuthu - Dengue Deaths : Is Govt Hiding the Numbers? 23/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi: Opposition for MERSAL:Are Political Parties Trying To Gain Mileage?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Porayar Bus Roof Collapse. 20/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Who got affected due to Mersal..? Vijay or BJP..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Former TN Governor's Book : Confession or Self Explanation..? 19/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Is Vijay moving towards Politics..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK in 46th Year : Will It Succeed or Fail..? 17/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Is Cinema an Impossible dream for Common Man..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on Govt Employees pay hike & Liquor price hike 12/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is Modi - OPS meeting a crisis to EPS..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu: No Caste restriction for Priest : Support & Opposition 11/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi: Is Cracker Ban Coming to TN Also..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Gutka issue: Is the investigation questionable..? 10/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi: Entertainment Tax-Movie Ticket Price Issue: What is the Solution?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Minister Sellur Raju's Interview a trouble to the Govt..? 09/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Is it difficult for Rajini & Kamal to win in Politics..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Disqualification of MLAs - Which Faction Will Win..? 04/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Arrest of TTV Dinakaran Supporters : Legal process or Threat..? 03/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Price rise of LPG cooking gas: Reform or Anti-people?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : What does Kamal Hassan know, which Rajinikanth does not..? 02/Oct/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK Symbol Dispute - Edappadi Palanisamy vs TTV Dhinakaran 29/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : PM Modi's Economic Policy : Growth or Fall..? 28/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Anitha's Suicide - NEET Issue : Informations & Controversies

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : What is Kamal's color in Politics : Black? Red? or Saffron? 27/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jayalalithaa's death : Deepak's Interview & Twists thereafter 26/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jaya's death : Interviews & Confusions.. 25/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Two leaves dispute in Election Commission: Back to square one? 22/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Cauvery Water Dispute : Advantages & Disadvantages 21/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Kamal Hassan - Kejriwal meet : Joining AAP or Alliance?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : HC Stays Trust Vote : Who will Benefit..? 20/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : By election or Assembly Election ? What Next? 19/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Disqualification of 18 Pro-Dhinakaran MLAs - Democracy? or Dictatorship? 18/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Govt Staff Protest comes to an end: Who is Victorious? 15/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Increase of Petrol & Diesel Price : Right or Wrong..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Edappadi Palaniswami Govt : From State Assembly to High Court. 14/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Teachers & Govt Staff Protest : Will it come to an end?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Should Navodaya Schools Be Permitted in TN? 13/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sasikala Removed from GS Post: Has EPS won this round also..? 12/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : What will happen in AIADMK General Council Meet 11/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on "TN Govt's Stands on Continuous Protest"

Ayutha Ezhuthu : NEET, Govt Employees Issue : Is TN becoming a Protest Zone? 08/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is DMK's all party meet a call for alliance..? 06/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Original License Compulsory: Advantages & Disadvantages

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on AIADMK MLA's & Dist. Sec meeting 05/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Will NEET Protest bring a change in TN..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Dinakaran, NEET Issue : What will be the next move of TN CM..? 04/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : HC's order on Civic Polls : Who will benefit..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Anitha Suicide : Who Is Responsible..? 02/Sep/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Demonetisation : Success or Failure..? 31/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on Kamal Haasan's Political dream 

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Governor abandons Opposition's request? What is Pro-Dinakaran MLAs move? 30/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will AIADMK's Delhi camp give a solution to the crisis..?  29/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK Meeting & Resolutions : What's Next..? 28/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Who will win if elections held Today?  25/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Speaker issues notice to Pro-Dinakaran MLAs - Legal Action? or Threat? 24/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: TTV Dinakaran's MLAs rebel: Will Edappadi Govt escape? 23/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi: Triple Talaq Judgement : Support and Opposition 23/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will TTV Dinakaran MLAs cause danger to TN Govt.? 22/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Admk Merger EPS and OPS unite - What next? 21/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: AIADMK Merger - Challenges or Bottlenecks 20/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: CM announces inquiry on Jaya's death : Political Implications..? 17/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Kamal demanding resignation from CM: Need of the Hour? / Political Motive? 16/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : PM Modi's 71st Independence Day Speech - Factual or Exaggeration? 15/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will TTV Dhinakaran's Public Meeting create an impact in ADMK..? 14/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Party, Power & politics: How will the chief minister face? 11/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Political game in AIADMK : Who Attacks..? Who Defends..? 10/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Functioning of Health Department : Satisfactory or Not..? 09/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : School Uniform Issue : Confusion or Reform..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Minister slams Govt Employees : Realistic? or Distraction? 08/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Meenakshi Amman Temple Issue - Negligence? or Ulterior Motives?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Issue between AIADMK Factions cause danger to Govt? 07/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TTV Dinakaran's new Party functionaries - Support & Opposition? 05/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will TTV Dhinakaran's Political Tour create an Impact in AIADMK..? 04/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TTV Dinakaran entry & corruption allegations : How will CM EPS manage? 03/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : FEFSI - Producer Council Issue : When will it End..? 02/Aug/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TTV Dhinakaran's Comeback : Good or Bad For ADMK..? 01/Aug/2017

AyuthaEzhuthu Neetchi : Reforms in Gas Subsidy & NEET : Anti-People or National Interest?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Holy Book Issue : 'Politics vs Science' 31/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on controversies over Kamal Haasan's Statement

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi Kamal’s Exclusive interview Political implications 29/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Is Tamil Nadu BJP Next Target after Gujarat, Bihar?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Gutka Scam - Is it a New threat to Edappadi Government? 28/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : No instant arrest in Dowry Cases - Who will benefit?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Stalin's arrest and neet protest 27/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Nitish Kumar changes alliance : What has BJP achieved..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Producers - FEFSI Issue : Will it affect Cine Industry? 26/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : 14th President of India - Opposition and Expectations 26/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sand Lorry Scam : What is the Solution? 25/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Vande Mataram Mandatory - Support & Opposition..

Ayutha Ezhuthu : BJP's interference in AIADMK Party? 24/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Petrochemical Park Announcement - Growth? or Fall?  24/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Edappadi's 5 months of Governence in TN 21/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Kamal's Vishwaroopam 2 : Political Entry..? or AIADMK Opposition..? 20/jUL/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Kamal Haasan in Politics : Support & Opposition 20/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Spl. privileges for Sasikala in Prison: Truth revealed? or Power clash? 18/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Kamal Haasan's Allegation : Democracy or Self Promotion..? 17/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Presidential Election : Who will win..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Canceling the Government: Doctor's medical study? 14/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Complain as a privilege to Sasikala: Is it true? Intention ...? 13/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is the Government of Tamil Nadu going towards perfect parcels? 12/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Restriction on Livestock Market Control: Recession to Central Government

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Chinese invasion politics are political parties? 11/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Central government activity: support for states? Threat ...?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is the governance of the opposition concerned? 10/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Government School Teacher Function: Debate? Insensitivity? 07/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Are you still entertained, bargain to the ordinary?

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi: AIADMK teams link: Family buzz? Policy collision? 06/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Crimes against AIADMK More?

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Farmers in debt: Relief court? State government? 05/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : New MLAs nominated: Violating power Alunara?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Tax hike: disappointment Government? Business? 04/jUL/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu - Next chapter of AIADMK: Who's headed? 03/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Player 1 01/Jul/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Player 1 30/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Are Minorities Safe for the BJP? Damage ..? 29/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi: Medical reservation: student welfare ..? Incredible confusion ..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi: Complaint against minister: need inquiry ...? Negligence ...? 28/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Contraception in milk powder: Minister's complaint is true ...?

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Modi - Trump meeting: achievements ...? Controversies ...? 27/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi: The chaos in the top of the ruling state is a danger to the ruling

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu 26/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi: Need for Hindi and Hindi stuffing?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Government's Purpose: Will Receive? People are good? 25/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Republican presidential election? 23/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Local election delay: Who is hesitant? 22/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : BJP presidential candidate: notice and politics 20/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Money issue: Who is responsible? 19/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Aadhaar confusion: When will it be solved? 18/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Video Affair: Who Should Answer? 16/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Thanthi TV Show Player 1 15/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Thanthi TV Show Player 1 14/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Allegations Against Trust Vote : Will Govt Reply in Assembly? 13/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK Merger : Why have the doors Closed? 12/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TN Politics and Thanthi TV Opinion Poll Results 10/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Rajinikanth In Politics : Hopeful or Futile..? 09/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is Presidential Election a preview to 2019? 08/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : 3 Factions of AIADMK : Will they manage Oppositions..? 07/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TTV Dinakaran's come back & Political Change 05/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Bail for TTV Dinakaran : Will there be a change in AIADMK..? 02/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: T.Nagar Fire Accident : Who is Responsible..? 01/Jun/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Regulation for Livestock Market: Necessary or intrusion? 31/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Livestock Sale : Regulations and Oppositions 30/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Appointment of Vice Chancellors: Is Governor's decision motivated..? 29/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Slaughter Ban - Regulation or Hindutva imposition 27/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu 100 days of Edappadi Palaniswami's Govt : Success or failure..? 26/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi Adulteration in milk : Who is responsible..? 26/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Discussion on 3 Years of BJP Government

Ayutha Ezhuthu Discussion on 3 Years of BJP Government 25/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi | Discussion on changes in TN Education Dept 24/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu CM's Meet with PM : Govt Welfare..? or Political gain..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Are Elections approaching in Tamil Nadu..? 23/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Rajinikanth In Politics : Are Political Parties Afraid.?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : One year of ADMK Government : Problems and Achievements 22/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : What to study after 10th standard..? 20/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Rajinikanth Succeed in Politics..? 19/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK Internal Politics : Who is on whose side? 18/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Attack on TASMAC shops : what is the solution..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TN Assembly Prorogued: What is the reason? 17/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Plus One Public Exam : Pros & Cons..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : CBI & IT Raid : Politics or Anti-Corruption Movement? 16/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Transport Workers' strike - What is the Solution..? 15/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Rajinikanth's speech on Politics - Support & Oppositions

Ayutha Ezhuthu : What and Where to study after Plus 2 ? 13/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Reforms in School Education - Questions and Answers 12/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Narendra Modi's Sri Lanka Visit and Interests of Tamils

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Karunanidhi's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations - Signal for new coalition? 11/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Transport Workers' Issue - What will be the solution?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Are investors exiting Tamil Nadu..? 10/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on Transgender Rights & Social Change

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK Merger Moving Towards Horse-Trading..? 09/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Controversies on NEET Exam

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Should Ministers explain on alleged links with Sekar Reddy 08/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : DMK's effort to desilt Pond : Responsibility..? or Politics..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will AIADMK Internal Issues lead to Elections? 06/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : O. Panneerselvam's State-wide Visit : Growth or Intimidation? 05/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Sasikala Review Petition in SC 04/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Farmers Suicide : Nature vs Govt

Ayutha Ezhuthu : BJP : Party Work vs Govt Performance 03/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Permanent Election Symbol : Support and Opposition

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Chief Minister vs MK Stalin on TN Govt Performance 02/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Reservation in PG Courses - Who made a mistake? 

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Delay in AIADMK Merger talks : Is Motivation being exposed? 01/May/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK Internal Issues affecting Govt's Performance..? 27/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Vishal's ShutDown Announcement : Welfare..? or Warning..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TTV Dinakaran Arrest : Will AIADMK talks Proceed..? 26/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Why is Government Stubborn in TASMAC Issue..? 25/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Protest for TN Farmers' : What will be the next step..? 25/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Tamil Nadu bandh - Support to farmers? or Politics? 24/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : AIADMK Merger - Talks and Complications

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK Merger talks : Negotiation or Bargaining? 21/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Are demands a problem for AIADMK merger..? 20/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Change in AIADMK : New Way? or Risky Way? 19/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will DMK's Bandh Call give a solution to Farmers Issue..? 17/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on Controversies over Two Leaves & FIR on TTV Dinakaran

Ayutha Ezhuthu : DMK's All Party Meeting : Possiblity of Political Realignment? 15/Arp/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Who is Responsible for Civic Polls Delay? 14/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will AIADMK Factions merge? 

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Farmers Issue : Rights and Feelings 13/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on EC's Open Challenge to hack EVM's

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Cop slaps Woman during Protest - Are Police violating Rules? 12/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Income Tax Raid - How will Govt face it?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Farmers Protest Continues : Is politics the reason? 11/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : RK Nagar Bypoll Cancellation : What Next?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : RK Nagar Bypoll Cancellation : Shameful..? or Pointless..? 10/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : IT Raid at Minister's premises-Political threat or anti-corruption move? 07/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : RK Nagar ByElection : Democracy or Money..? 06/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Cash Distribution at RK Nagar : Who Failed to Prevent..? 05/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : HC waives TN Farm loans : Positive Change or Excess Burden 04/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Liquor Ban on Highways - Social Welfare Vs Income 03/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will SC Order on Highway Liquor Shops lead to Total Prohibition? 01/Apr/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Hindi Signage on National Highways - Necessary? or Imposition? 31/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on 'Thanthi TV Opinion Poll regarding TN Political Crisis' 30/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : From Aadhaar to Seemai Karuvelam Trees : Courts vs Govts 28/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Dsicussion on 'Contract signed for Neduvasal Hydrocarbon Project' 27/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Agriculture - Drought : Will TN recover..? 24/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will confusion in AIADMK reflect in RK Nagar Bypoll?  23/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Two Leaves Issue : Will there be Political Impact..? 22/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu: Ilayaraja vs SPB : Rights..? or Jealousy..? 21/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Yogi Adityanath as UP CM : Usual..? or Hindutuva Agenda..? 20/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : RK Nagar By Election : Who will get Two leaves Symbol..? 17/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Delay in Local Body Polls : Who is Responsible..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Debate on 'Tamil Nadu Budget 2017-2018' 16/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sasikala's General Secretary Post : What will EC decide? 14/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on 'JNU STUDENT Muthukrishnan Suicide'

Ayutha Ezhuthu : BJP Rule in 4 States : Challenges ahead. 13/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Will common candidate be possible?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : 5 State Election Results - Achievements and Challenges 11/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Opposition to Centre schemes: Emotional? Or Revolutionary? 10/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Tamils arrested for Red Sanders smuggling: what is the solution?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Who has the Edge in Local body & RK Nagar By-Election..? 09/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Is Jayalalithaa's Death being Politicized..? 08/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Women in Public Life : Issues.. & Challenges.

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jayalalithaa's Medical Report : Are doubts continuing..? 07/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Tamil Fisherman Shot Dead : Who is Responsible..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on 50 Years of Dravidian Govt.. 06/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : VAT increase on fuel in TN: Administrative Necessity? or Failure?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : First Cabinet Meeting of Edappadi Palanisamy - Issues and Solutions... 03/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : M. K. Stalin as DMK Working President - Challenges and Expectations 02/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Mystery and controversies behind Jayalalithaa's Death

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Increasing protests in Tamil Nadu 01/Mar/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Chief Minister's Delhi Visit benefit State? 28/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on 'Nation-wide Bank Strike'

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Neduvasal Protest : Science and Sentiments 27/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TN Politics - Are Social Issues taking a back seat ? 25/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jayalalithaa's 69th Birthday : Discussion on AIADMK and its future 24/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Hydrocarbon Project 23/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Is Cesarean Section being forced?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : DMK protest on Confidence Motion And Local Body Polls 22/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Women's safety - Social issue or Law & order issue..? 21/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Film star views on politics - Why the sudden interest?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Challenges ahead for New TN CM Edappadi Palanisamy. 20/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Confidence Motion : Who has the Edge..? 17/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Edappadi Palanisamy as CM - Is this the Final Victory? 16/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : AIADMK Crisis : What Next? 15/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : DA Case Verdict - Is This the Solution for AIADMK Crisis? 14/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Panneerselvam vs Sasikala : Will TN Governor break his Silence? 13/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : OPS vs Sasikala Battle : Who will emerge victorious.? 10/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will TN Chief Minister be changed or Continue.? 09/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Sasikala vs O.Panneerselvam : Who will win..? 08/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is Sasikala ready to handle challenges as CM..? 06/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on ‘Changes in AIADMK & TN Government’  04/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Was Unemployment a reason for Jallikattu protest..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Ennore Oil Spill : Is Tamil Nadu prepared to handle major disasters..? 03/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Irregularities in printing Rs.2000 Notes..?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Union Budget 2017 and Tamil Nadu Politics... 02/Feb/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Discussion on CM O. Panneerselvam's First Assembly Session

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on 'Jallikattu Inquiry Commission' 31/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Budget Session - BJP vs Congress?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is Jallikattu Violence being Politicized...? 30/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Challenges ahead for Parties & EC 28/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jallikattu: From Assembly to Supreme Court 27/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Is Modi wave continuing? Or manufactured?

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Is the Indian Republic on the right path? 26/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jallikattu : Legal Challenges Ahead..! 25/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Traders Union stops sale of Coke, Pepsi

Ayutha Ezhuthu : TN Assembly 2017 : Challenges & Expectations 24/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jallikattu victory for Youngsters. 23/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will the state ordinance open vadivasal to conduct Jallikattu..? 20/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Whom should the jallikattu protestors believe..? 19/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Discussion on Youth uprising for Jallikattu 18/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jallikattu protest Galore 17/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Jallikattu : Social uprising or Breaking the law..? 16/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu Neetchi : Rajinikanth in Politics : Expectations & Opposition..'

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Jallikattu ban be Lifted..? 13/Jan/2017

Ayutha Ezhuthu : Will Jallikattu happen despite ban..? 12/Jan/2017

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