Tamil Movie Kushi Video Songs

Tamil Movie: Khushi's Video Songs 

Directed by S J Suryah

Written by S J Suryah

Starring Vijay Jyothika Shilpa Shetty Vivek Nizhalgal Ravi

Cinematography Jeeva


Release date(s) May 19, 2000  


Oh Vennila Song


Tamil movie Khushi starts in Calcutta where a boy is born to a wealthy couple, a Tamilian father and a Bengali mother.


After many close-up shots of the woman in labour the camera shifts to a village in Tamil Nadu, where a baby girl Jennifer is born in a middle class Christian family.


After some encounters when they are too young to be aware of each other, they finally meet in college in Madras.

The climax features a hot English lip-kiss between Vijay and Jyothika. Though having feelings for each other, their own egos prevent them from expressing these feelings and finally even cause them to fight and split.

But the need to unite another couple, whose union is being opposed by the girl's father, forces them to work with each other.