Tamil Movie Baasha Video Songs

Tamil Movie Baashha’s Video Songs

Directed by Suresh Krishna

Starring Rajinikanth Nagma Raghuvaran Janakaraj Vijayakumar Charanraj Yuvarani Devan Sathya Priya

Music by Deva

Distributed by Sathya Movies



Release date(s) 12 January 1995  


Baasha Paaru Song  

Naan Autokaran Song  

Raa Raa Ramayah Song

Tamil Movie Baashha is starring Rajinikanth, with Nagma and Raghuvaran. It was directed by Suresh Krishna, and features music by Deva. Released in 1995, Manikkam (Rajinikanth) is an auto driver with a glorious past. The movie starts with Manikkam giving money to two auto drivers to help them pay dowry and for an operation.

As the movie rolls on, his sister who gets 98% in her exam cannot get into a private medical college because she cannot pay the fees. He then goes and talks to a person in-charge of the admission process and requests him to speak alone.

He says something that is not audible to the audience and the admission person suddenly gets scared and says he is willing to give even 100 seats if Manikkam wants.

Based on unexpected twists to the story, like the one above, the movie shows that Manikkam was actually once a Don named Manik Baashha in Bombay (now Mumbai).