Tamil Short Film Kaayin Year 2018

Kaayin - New Tamil Short Film 2018 || Directed by Arok | Starring Sai Nath

Kaayin is a 2017 Indian Dark Psychological Thriller Shortfilm directed by Arok. The Short film script was losely inspired from The Holy Bible Characters called Cain & Abel were the two sons of Adam and Eve. They worked as food producers for their family.

Cain was a crop farmer, and Abel was a shepherd. When they sacrificed to God, he favored Abel's sacrifice over Cain's. Later, Cain killed Abel, committing the first murder. Cain was the first person born, and Abel was the first to die. Based on this Bible story, Storyline was made on present generation.


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Lead role: Sai Nath

Director: Arok

Art Director: Appu

Editor: Robin Sumith

Director Of Photography: Santhosh Chandran

Music Director: Santhan Anebajagane


Co Producer: Respect Female Production

Producer: Mohammed Akbar