Tamil Short Film Kadhaikul Kadhai

Tamil Short Film Kadhaikul Kadhai 

A Teenager who gets depressed in his life due to love failure goes to TASMAC to relax himself. There he gets distracted from his thoughts by an interesting article on the newspaper. Shyam is a engineering graduate who struggles to get placed in a company ; but fails.

The dejected shyam who failed in placements, love and family gets out of his house to give his final try. There he meets his friend, who gives him shelter.  From initial pocket money from his friend, he fetches him and his office mates a good food . which finally turns out to be his business.  After reading this article the teenager gets energised and get back to his track of reaching his goal. 

In the climax , this teenager and shyam both are described as a fiction characters in a short story which is been published in TIMES OF INDIA newspaper. avinash [ who resembles the teenager] has written this story by getting inspired from sundar[ who resembles shyam] who lives in his opposite house.   

Duration: 19:43 

Genre: Drama 

Story: Hari Iyer S

Dialogue: Hari Iyer S

Screenplay: Hari Iyer S

Direction: Hari Iyer S  

Narration - Deeraj Vaidy  

Editing - S M Sundaram  

Colour grading & Vfx - Vigneshwaran P  

Director of photography - Sai Abhishek  

Music - Karthik Kumar  

Sound mixing - Hari Iyer  

Concept - Balasubramanian  

Stills - 1080posterdesigns                                                                                                         

Cast: Gugan Logan, Avinash Raghudevan, Sundar Iyer, Vigneshwaran, Hari Iyer, Baskar Balasubramanian, Sai Abhishek, Subramanian, Crazy Seenu


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