Tamil Short Film Das

Tamil Short Film Das  

The BMW Shorties was launched in Malaysia in late 2006 as a platform for Malaysian short film makers to explore their talent. Since that time it has become one of the most anticipated annual filmmaking events in Malaysia with BMW Shorties productions travelling to prestigious international film festivals in Cannes, Rome, New York, Rotterdam, Dubai and others. Today it serves both to provide Malaysian filmmakers access to international film making networks and as an unwitting platform for young Malaysians to cultivate their social conscience. 

Make up: Waty Varsha, Zainul Fitri

Sound: Gengaraju

Poster Designer: Jay G

Production: M.Suresh, Zainul Fitri

Produser: M.Suresh, Sarabanan Nair


Editor: M.Suresh

Written: M.Suresh

Director: M.Suresh

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