Tamil Short Film Iyalbin Maaraa

Tamil Short Film Iyalbin Maaraa (The unchanging) 

Arun, at 27, might appear to be a usual guy at first. Like any normal person working at a BPO, he enjoys watching movies and loves the company his office colleagues. He hates probability and people with strong opinions. Despite these traits which make him a common man, characteristics like not reading newspapers and following strangers, to mention a few, set him apart. He finds the world to be miserable & unfair which makes him lead a life devoid of emotions. This ideology makes him reject a proposal from a girl, quoting that he would not be the right guy for her. A decision he later ponders over. The short revolves around his life where he reinvents himself, reconciling and acknowledging the fact that life goes on, thereby identifying an existential self in him. Whether he makes it through or not forms the essence of the story. 

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