Tamil Short Film Iruvan

Tamil Short Film Iruvan  

20 years ago, CM Vasudevan was killed. Though the police arrested Pugazh for the crime, he later died in custody without giving out any lead. The investigation remained a non-starter and the case ever since in the dumps. Enter two journalism interns, Karthik and Sidharth who try to unravel the mystery behind the assassination when all hell breaks loose. "I r u v a n" takes you back and forth with trying to correct the blemishes in 'time'.  

Presented by RBSI studios, Triton Musicz and Idle Minds Entertainment

Film By: Ashwin Govindarajan

Co Directedor: Siddharth Ravichandran, Prasanna

Cinematography: Vedha Nithin

Music: Arvind Viswaanathan

Audiography: Siddharth Ravichandran

Editing: Venkat Natarajan

Cast: Siddharth, Karthik, Vignesh, Gopi, Ashwath, Venkat, Balaji


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