Tamil Short Film Moneythaneyam

Tamil Short Film Moneythaneyam  

Blossom Pictures presents "Moneythaneyam" is a short film about how the lust for money makes people devoid of morals that make them human.Based on a true incident, the story shows how a group of students take pains to help a couple who were begging and claimed to be tourists who got robbed of their belongings and left alone in an unknown land. The students collects money from their friends and purchases a ticket for them only to be disappointed next day when the couples were found to be claiming the money for the tickets in the station.It reminds us that students are ready to help, yet there are people out there ready to misuse their charitable characters for their own purposes. So What the Students decide after this disloyal Betrayal will be the climax of this film "Money"thaneyam.... 

Producer: V.K.Sathyaprakash

Story: Sethu SV

Screenplay: Sethu SV

Dialogues: Sethu SV

Direction: Sethu SV

Cinematography: Rahul P

Editing: Soosai Anburaj MJ

VFX: Soosai Anburaj MJ

Sound Mixing: Madhan G & Vignesh Rajendran

Lyrics: Sethu, Madhan, Prasanth, Sarafath (Telugu)

Cast: Raghu, Prasanth, Sethu, Sathya Prakash, Vignesh, Abimithra, Sarafath, Puvikaran, Sathish, Madhan, Mani, Ram Kumar, Robert, Praveen Raj

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