Tamil Short Film Avasaram

Tamil Short Film Avasaram  

"Avasaram" means "rush" and is a Tamil short film directed by Kajatheepan Manoharan . The main shootings were made in Jaffna (Sri Lanka) as well as the location of the story. The film is telling the story of two young lovers with dreams who are facing issues with their families. The story might seem to be like a classical desi love story but with an unexpected ending. This is a short film which will make the audience think for long.  

Directed by: Kajatheepan Manoharan

Screenwriter: Kajatheepan

Music by: Abiraman

Genre: Drama / Romance

Cast: Sitharth, Yarlini, Archuthan, Kiruthigan, Kennath, Siva, Sawgi, Sujeepan


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