Tamil Short Film Iragaipolae

Tamil Short Film Iragaipolae 


Iragaipolae as the name suggests follows the life of a person swaying between joy and sorrow. It flies freely, unbound like a feather but gets trapped in life's complexities the next moment. Friends are the rescuers in many cases, in some cases twists might happen unexpected and sudden turns may lead to beauty and magic.

The simple philosophy behind the movie is the factor of time, concern of friends and the amusing scenarios that ensue as they blend the love life and ambition of the protagonist

Cast: Aswin, Anwesha, Prasanth, Chella, Aparna, Sathish, Solomon, Harinath ,Laxman

Direction: Chellavignesh

Song Composed: Navnith Kumar 

Studio: Euphonica Sound Production

Sound Engineering: Ram, Vicky, Vishal

Rhythm Analysis: Ram, Vicky, Vishal

Singers: Navnith Kumar, Kevin Mario, Riya

Lyrics: Ruban Rex Peter

Art Direction: Karthika Devi

Cinematographers: Priyadharshini, Logaraj Bharath

Editing: Chellavignesh

Co Direction: Sathish

Executive Producer: Thufile Ariful Mohammed, Vijay sundar

Production Manager: Mohamed Taj Uddin

Distributors: Seventh Star Digital Media

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