Tamil Short Film Ilavenil

Tamil Short Film Ilavenil 

llavenil is a modern romantic tale based on a chance meeting of the wiity Chennaite Adhithya Shankar and the vivacious uptown Aishwarya Rajkumar. This date movie will take it's audiences through a day where adithya and Aishwarya share their thoughts, beliefs and emotions on love and friendship as they visit together some its city's iconic hangouts. Bottom line - "Love loves friendship" 

Produced: Anand Ram

Line Producer: Chandini Moorthy

Associate Director: Joseph Louis

Assistants Directors: Karthik and Ananth

Editing: Karthik Manorama

Photograph: Sivasudhan Balamanohar

Lyrics: Antony Faze

Music: Thiyagarajan Subramanian

Story: Varunkumar and Anand Ram

Dialogue: Varunkumar and Anand Ram

Screenplay: Raajaraam Panth

Director: Raajaraam Panth



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