Tamil Short Film Ethuku Da… Intha Maanangetta Polapu

Tamil Short Film Ethuku Da… Intha Maanangetta Polapu 

“It is about a guy who desperately needed a girlfriend, so he tries out many things to impress a girl… Finally he gets a girl thru social networking site and falls in love with her, but the girl starts expecting to much out of the guy and then the guy himself dumps the girl and returns back to his friends…”

This movie was taken at BIT at futura’10… the genre given to us was ‘humour’, so we decided to entertain the audience to the fullest, so we were not bothered about the story much…The movie here doesn’t ve a story and it doesn’t tries to convey anything… if u really want to know the story, then here it is… 

Director: Harish

Genre: Romance and Comedy

Year: 2010


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