Tamil Short Film Nimithakaran

Tamil Short Film Nimithakaran 

Summary:  The beautiful damsel with her captivating smile arouses the curiosity in him again and again. She fades away into the thick darkness before the spark ignites the flame. Was she in his dreams all the time? Does this persistent dream symbolizes anything for him? He does not have any clue.

Now he finds himself in front of the Oracle of Dreams -- "Nimithakaran" -- the wise counsel who had mastered the art of interpreting the intricacies of the trance world. The prophet lures him into the fascinating world of dreams and slowly manifests the mysteries. The intriguing interpretations followed by stunning revelations leads to a catastrophe.

Cast: Mohan Raman, Ganesh Chandra & Rajitha Marur

Story: Sridhar Narayanan

Screenplay: Sridhar Narayanan

Dialogue: Sridhar Narayanan

Camera: Balaji Manoharan

Production: Ganesh Chandra

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