Tamil Short Film Nanba

Tamil Short Film Nanba 

Sandeep and Santhosh, students of class V, score equivalent marks in their examination. The teacher gives Santhosh a chocolate and asks him to share it with Sandeep since both have scored the first mark. But Sandeep is not happy about it, instead envies Santhosh. He ends up challenging Santhosh of who will score the first mark in the next examination. Santhosh accepts the challenge. 

How they prepare themselves for the exam and who scores the first mark in the exam and the events which follow forms the crux of the story.
Writer: Rohin V
 Director: Rohin V

Producer: L V Prasad Film Academy 

Cinematographer: Evani Sasi Vadana 

Editor: Prasanna G K

Sound: Hare Krishna Mahato

Music: Shamanth Nag

Costume: Ganesh Karthik

Cast: Gaurav, Raj Mohan

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