Tamil Short Film Bambaram

Tamil Short Film Bambaram

Cast : Zaheer, Satish Kumar, Vijay, Shailendra Prabhu, Prakash, Prabhakaran, Mohan, Rohith, Umasri, Gokul.

Writer: Sharath Jothi
Editor: Sharath JothiDirector: Sharath Jothi

Cinematography: Arun Bathmanaban

Music: Dayanand Piraisudan

Sound Design: K.Prasath

Associate Directors: Bala Saravanan, Nattu Dev

Assistant Director: Sithick

Make up: Palani 

A family lost theirlives in an accident and their disturbed souls are still roaming in that highway waiting for someone to look at their pathetic state. Who can see them.. is the rest of the story..


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