Tamil Short Film Bhel Poori Express Year 2019

Award Winning Short Film - Bhel Poori Express

Bell poori express

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In the southern part of India, on a busy roadside platform lived a poor girl with her mom
whose survival depends solely on daily wages. In the same locality, on the other side of
the road lived an upper middle class nuclear family. The affluent girl disliked the sight of
the poor girl. Every day there were instances which made the differences between the two
girls quite evident. But things change after a while, this turn of events did make the girls
thickest of buddies in the world because of the love for simple snack “Bhel poori”

The film portrays the divide between two families in the same locality in a typical Indian
setup. It breaks the cliché taboo of inequality and brings out the innocent love between two
lovely souls which blooms into wonderful friendship. Children still remain immune to these
things and it Isi adults who ensure such differences are evident!

Director –Balumani. R
Producer - Sandra
Director of Photography – Leon Britto
Editing – Arul Moses A
Music – Edwin Dass
Assistant Director – Rajasekaran
Associate Director – Viswesh
Story and Screenplay –Balumani. R
Dialogues – Ponnivalavan
Title Design – Vasanth Shankar
Art Director - Naveen Kumar

Theajaasree as Priya
Blessy as Pooja
Padma as Pooja Mom
Manoj as Bhel Poori wala
Rajasekaran – Old man