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Tamil Short Film Anandha Yazh Year 2019

Perazhagi Kayal's International Award Winning Short Film - Anandha Yazh

Tamil Short Film Anandha Yazh Year 2019

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Movie Synopsis:
The story revolves around a child with the autism spectrum, whose parents find ways to keep their kid comfortable and enable him to life his life to the fullest!

Maya (mother ) plays a crucial role in bringing up her child Arjun ( child) and manages day-to-day struggles from school , neighbors and other kids in a determined manner without being bogged down. Father (Goutham) is a software engineer who does everything to make his child happy always. Maya finds new school for Arjun where the teacher identifies Arjun’s talent and trains him to realize his true potential. The story ends with the sweet note where mother and father are overwhelmed by Arjun’s talent.
This movie highlights the challenges faced by the children in the autism spectrum, and what a difference can the parents, teachers and society in general, can make in their lives. The story brings in the positive side of the autism spectrum disorder and how as a society, we need to see them and support them.
“ Autism is not a disease , it’s a disorder”

Original Title : ANANDHA YAZH
English Title : The Harp's Resonance
Director : ShivaChristi ( Sivakumar B)
Producer : Proscenium & Mass Players ( Sivakumar)
Director of the Story : Sivakumar
Author of the Story : Sivakumar
Screen Play/ Script Writer : Sivakumar
Director of Photography : Amma Muthu
Editor : CS Prem
Art Director : Vasudevan
Costume Designer : Sivakumar/Amma Muthu
Director of Music : Shankar R
Sound Design : Anthony B Jayaruban
Main Cast : Arjun as Child, Maya as Mother, Goutham as Father

Tamil Short Film Bhel Poori Express Year 2019

Award Winning Short Film - Bhel Poori Express

Bell poori express

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In the southern part of India, on a busy roadside platform lived a poor girl with her mom
whose survival depends solely on daily wages. In the same locality, on the other side of
the road lived an upper middle class nuclear family. The affluent girl disliked the sight of
the poor girl. Every day there were instances which made the differences between the two
girls quite evident. But things change after a while, this turn of events did make the girls
thickest of buddies in the world because of the love for simple snack “Bhel poori”

The film portrays the divide between two families in the same locality in a typical Indian
setup. It breaks the cliché taboo of inequality and brings out the innocent love between two
lovely souls which blooms into wonderful friendship. Children still remain immune to these
things and it Isi adults who ensure such differences are evident!

Director –Balumani. R
Producer - Sandra
Director of Photography – Leon Britto
Editing – Arul Moses A
Music – Edwin Dass
Assistant Director – Rajasekaran
Associate Director – Viswesh
Story and Screenplay –Balumani. R
Dialogues – Ponnivalavan
Title Design – Vasanth Shankar
Art Director - Naveen Kumar

Theajaasree as Priya
Blessy as Pooja
Padma as Pooja Mom
Manoj as Bhel Poori wala
Rajasekaran – Old man

Tamil Short Film Miss World Year 2019

Miss World - Tamil Short Film Based On a True Story


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A Fictional story based on true Incident. Film portrays the daughters love for her father and the consequences she faces as a result of her acts save her fathers life.

We dedicate this film to all the bold and beautiful and loving women out here. Do watch , share and support.

Cast & Crew:

Presented by : Manoj & Harsha
Banner : Cuts and Glory Studios
Directed By : Dakshinamoorthy
Cinematographer : Karthik
Editor : Rahul
Music : MS Jones
Lyrics : Yugaa
Playback Singer : Deepthi Suresh
Art : Siva
DI : Effects and logics
Dubbing & Sfx : GKV studios
Cast : Kumar , Nivedha , Ananya , Carolin

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