Tamil Movie Manthiri Kumari Year 1950

Tamil Movie: Manthiri Kumari Year 1950

Directed by Ellis R. Duncan and T. R. Sundaram -- adapts a 8th century Buddhist text along DMK's own anti-Brahmin party line.  

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The son of a cretinous priest and royal advisor (M. N. Nambiar), Parthiban (S. A. Natarajan) has taken to dressing up as a demented superhero and committing acts of banditry and thuggery to discredit the virtuous Veeramohan (M. G. Ramachandran), a decorated general and boyfriend of the beautiful Princess Jeevi (G. Shkuntala). The pure-hearted Amudavalli (Madhuri) -- daughter of the Prime Minister -- tries to change the feckless Parthiban from his wicked ways and even marries the guy. Unfortunately, her efforts come to naught as she kills him in self-defense. Later, Parthiban's father has poor Amudavalli hanged. ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide