Tamil Movie Krishna Krishna Year 1996

Tamil Movie Krishna Krishna 

Krishna Krishna is a Tamil comedy film based on the play Adhirshtakaaran. The story revolves around Gopal Krishna (S V Shekar) and his wife Bama (Sukanya) who must tackle all odds in the form of parents, neighbors and an unruly society to make their marriage work.  

Directed by: S. Deepak

Produced by: Dhirajlal Shah

Written by: Tinu Anand, Santosh Saroj

Starring: Sunil Shetty, Karishma Kapoor, Om Puri, Shakti Kapoor, Tinu Anand

Music by: Anu Malik

Cinematography: Sameer Reddy, Teja

Distributed by: Asian

Release Date: August 2 1996

Running time: 164 mins

Country: India

Language: Hindi 

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