Tamil Movie Pattalathan Year 1995

Tamil Movie Pattalathan  

Surya, a soldier posted at Kashmir comes to his village on leave to meet his family. He gets married to his childhood sweet heart Gouri, but has to leave the very next day, as the war at Kargil starts. In the ensuing war, a severe bomb blast takes place, and unable to find his body, the government declares him dead. Surya miraculously escapes, but is disfigured beyond recognition. He returns to his village, but no one, including his father and wife are able to recognize him. He introduces himself to his father as Surya's friend Chandru, and ironically, his father requests him to convince Gauri to remarry. Does Gauri agree to this, or is she able to finally recognize him?   

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Movie: Pattalathan

Cast: CP Yogeswar, Sakshi Shivanand, Sripriya, Srividya, Nepolean, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sonali

Director: Mahesh Sukander

Music Director: Deva

Year: 1995