Tamil Movie Pattanathil Bhootham Year 1967

Tamil Movie Pattanathil Bhootham 

A pleasant comedy, 'Pattanathil Bhootham' revolves around a friendly ghost named Zee Boom Ba. Feeling indebted to two brothers, Bhaskar (Jaishankar) and Cheenu (Nagesh), for having him released from captivity, Zee Boom Ba tries to help them climb up the ladder of life. But all his attempts only backfire. Bhaskar becomes distraught when his beloved Lata (K.R. Vijaya) refuses to marry him as she does not like Zee Boom Ba. With a heavy heart, Zee Boom Ba leaves the brothers, never to return. The enemies of Bhaskar take this opportunity to abduct Lata and a series of dramatic incidents ensues. Does Zee Boom Ba come back to help them? 

Directed by: M.V. Raman

Produced by: Sharada Productions

Written by: Javar Sitaraman

Starring: Jaishankar, K.R. Vijaya, Nagesh, Javar Sitaraman, V.K. Ramaswamy

Music by: Govardhanam

Release Date: 1967

Running time: 2 hr 46 min

Language: Tamil 

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