Tamil Movie Vidukathai Year 1997

Tamil Movie Vidukathai Year 1997

Starring: Prakash Raj, Neena, Manivannan, Janakaraj

Directed by: Ahathian

Released: 1997

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Anandi (Neena) is a girl of 17, fearless, care free and intelligent and Ramanathan (Janakaraj) is her father who is a psychologist and a heart patient. He claims to have raised her like a boy.

She teaches the Romeos at college lessons by exposing their idiosyncrasies. One classmate in particular, Bathu (Ramji) is hopelessly in love with her and faces rejection after which Anandi, feeling the lack of the woman in her takes counseling from her father.

Ramanathan dies after telling her that she will find the right person one day. Along comes Neelakandan (Prakash Raj), a retired military clerk of 41 as a tenant.

One night while having dinner with Anandi he is half drunk and blurts out that his youth has been wasted. Anandi clandestinely tests whether he still has his "desires" in him and falls in love with him and conveys it to him through a song.

Neelakandan agrees to the wedding after a few interesting incidents between them but has a lingering feelings of inadequacy due to his age. Neelakandan's complex takes various forms culminating in his decision to leave the house and his wife.

What happens next? Will Anandi and Neelakandan split?