Tamil Movie Pollathavan Year 1980

Tamil Movie Pollathavan Year 1980

Directed by Muktha V. Srinivasan

Produced by S. Ravi

Written by Muktha V. Srinivasan

Starring Rajinikanth, Lakshmi, Sri Priya, Sivachandran, Suruli Rajan, Delhi Ganesh

Music by M. S. Viswanathan

Release dates 6 November 1980

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Tamil Movie Pollathavan directed by Muktha V. Srinivasan which stars Rajinikanth, Lakshmi and Sri Priya in the lead roles.

Lakshmi is traveling with her nephew to an estate to attend her job interview as a nanny to the estate merchants daughter.

There is a suspicious looking man seated in front of her, at a point in the journey he tries to rape her but suddenly he is shot dead. Lakshmi sees the murderer (Rajinikanth) and clearly remembers his face and reports the murder to the police (Delhi Ganesh).

Then she is appointed for the nanny position and she and the merchants daughter grow fond of each other.