Tamil Movie Viduthalai Year 1986

Tamil Movie Viduthalai Year 1986

Directed by: K.Vijayan

Produced by: Suresh Balaji

Starring: Rajinikanth, Sivaji Ganesan, Vishnuvardhan, Sundarsan, Mahendran, Baalaji, Madhavi, Anuratha, Shalini

Year: 1986


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Viduthalai is a Tamil film is directed by K. Vijayan. Viduthalai Full Movie begins with Raja (Rajnikanth) who is a thief and experts in breaking any treasuries. Raja is in love with Radha (Madhavi) who is the disco dancer. In one robbery, Raja is witnessed by the police officer Rajasingam (Sivaji Ganesan).

Radha does not know that Raja is a thief. One brother – sister hire Raja to break the treasury of Sudarshan who is the crime boss. That duo seeks the revenge from Sudarshan. But suddenly, Raja is arrested by Rajasingam and Radha came to know that Raja is the thief. Meanwhile, Amar (Visnuwardhan) who is the ace member of the Sudarshan’s gang revolts against him.

When Raja returns from jail, he meets Vijaykumar who reminds him about the deal to rob Sudarshan. Meanwhile, Raja and Amar meet and became the partner to rob Sudarshan. But, Vijaykumar does not like that as he also wants to take revenge from Amar.

Later in the story, Raja robs the Sudarshan treasury and gets arrested for Sudarshan’s murder. Radha and Amar went to London with the money.

Now, will Amar cheat Raja by keeping the money and Radha or will Vijaykumar forgive Amar or take revenge from him forms the rest of the Viduthalai Tamil Full Movie.