Tamil Movie Roshakhari Year 1974

Tamil Movie Roshakkari Year 1974

Staring : K.R.Vijaya, Jai Shankar

Director : Madurai Thirumaran

Producer : Jayam Combines

Music Director : Shankar Ganesh

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Tamil Movie Roshakkari starring Muthuraman, Ravichandran, K.R Vijaya, Nagesh, Manorama. Directed by Madurai Thirumaran.

Vijayasanthi as a heroine who wants to hold her father's property.But her father' has written the documents with many restrictions. One of the restriction says Vijayasanthi should marry before claiming the property.

So she stage the drama,falsely married to rustic hero Balakrishnan who came from a village to earn money. But the drama gets other way round when Balakrishnan takes the position of husband,make her fall for him