Tamil Movie Poo ( Year 2008)

Tamil Movie Poo

Cast: Srikanth, Parvathy

Director: Sasi

Music Director:  S S Kumaran

Release Year: 2008

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Tamil Movie Poo is revolves around a villager-turned-engineer Thangarasu (Srikanth) who is unhappily married to a rich woman. He bumps into his old flame Mari (Parvathy), the better half of a tea shop owner.

The film deals with their trip down memory lane. Poo means flower in Tamil. This movie is a trend setting one based on a story written long back.  

Movie Poo tells the story of two young children, a boy and a girl, their families and their dreams in life. What happens when dreams clash? Someone has to let go of their dream for the others to realize theirs’.

It is one person’s love and affection for the other that makes them sacrifice hoping sincerely that the object of their love will have a better life sharing someone else’s dream. It is also “love” that makes people give up their own dreams and believe in someone.