Tamil Movie Chikkiku Chikkikichu Year 2015

Tamil Movie Chikkiku Chikkikichu Year 2015

Chikkiku Chikkikichu

Director: N. Rajesh Kumar

Cast: Anoop Ravindran, Mrudula Murali

Genre: Romance

Producer:NCR Movie Creations

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Chikkiku Chikkikichu, written and directed by N. Rajesh Kumar, is a romantic tale about a young man who comes across a beautiful girl in a train journey. Presented by NCR Movie Creations, the movie stars Mithun and Mridula in the lead roles along with Adhavan, Anoop, Aravindh, Anjali Devi, Romeo Paul, Arun, Aswin, Afsal and many others in the support cast.

The technical crew includes N.S Rajesh, who wields the camera along with the cuts of editor A.Kevin. The music of the film is scored by Vijay Benjamin. The love tale begins with the hero Mithun who reaches the railway station to sent off his friends to Nagercoil.

That's when he sees Mridula in the train and Cupid strikes the hero. Immediately he boards the train and finds his place near the heroine to impress her. During the journey time, Mridula also falls for the hero which leads to trouble. What will happen after the hero reaches Nagercoil? What will happen to their love? This forms the crux of the story.