Tamil Movie Iridium Year 2015

Tamil Movie Iridium Year 2015


Star-Cast : Mohan Kumar, Aarushi, Yogi Babu, Madhumitha, Power Star Srinivasan, Kumki Aswin, Iswarya & Others

Music Director : Gopal

Director : Shai Mugunthan

Producer Name : M. SARAVANAN


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The movie 'Iridium'(2015) revolves around the superstitious beliefs that the caskets of temple towers turns into an expensive metal named iridium when struck by thunder. Big shots of a village near Tanjore spread rumours saying that a local temple has huge amounts of iridium and cheat the buyers.

A brother of a rich person who is also involved in cheating the buyers has mesmerising powers and he influences few buyers to commit suicide by using his hypnotic powers.

Inspector Mohan Kumar comes to know about the mysterious suicides and he starts his enquiry with a special search team. Amidst this the hero who is a college student is in love with the heroine Aarushi. She also studies in the same college.

But since she wants to go abroad for a better lifestyle, the hero hesitates to express his feeling for her.
At one point of time, the hero proposes to the heroine and she accepts him, The hero helps her to pursue her dreams and arranges for her passport.