Tamil Movie Aaya Vada Sutta Kathai Year 2015

Tamil Movie Aaya Vada Sutta Kathai Year 2015


Director: N. Phanindra

Cast: Avitej, Supurna, Manoharan K., Sai Prashanth

Genre: Comedy

Procuder: Pixl Films

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Aaya Vada Sutta Kathai is a Tamil movie with, direction by N Phanindra, cinematography by Balaji SP, editing by V Vijay. The cast of Aaya Vada Sutta Kathai includes Avitej, Mani, Manoharan, Sai Prashanth, Supurna. Aaya Vada Sutta Kathai has all the elements to make it a zany new-age film.

It has the plot and characters for a black comedy, and a cast of predominantly unknown faces to make it fresh. The problem is that the film needed a better set of actors to elevate the comic lines and the gags.

The writing lacks nuance and there are pacing issues as well. A gang of four drug dealers hides out in an apartment, and four youngsters, who are in need of cash, plot to loot their money. A suspended cop, who resides in the same apartment, hears their plan and decides to get the money for himself.