Tamil Movie Pagadai Panirendu Year 2014

Tamil Movie Pagadai Panirendu Year 2014


Starring: Dileep Kumar, Divya Singh, Richu Singh

Directed by: Sasi Shanker

Produced by: Wisdom Films

Genre: Romance

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The film is the story of Anand (Kamal Haasan), a journalist and a martial arts expert. Anand is in love with Sripriya. He gets a microfilm showing the wrongdoings of underworld king Sudarsan. Now the gang is after Anand for the microfilm. Sudarshan's gang member Sathyapriya befriend Anand to get the microfilm but fails.

Meantime Anand's love Sripriya leaves her house as her father Major Sundarrajan is their affair. Sripriya gets threatened by Sudarsan's gang for the micro film. Anand's friend Y. G. Mahendran also gets trapped by the underworld gang to retrieve the microfilm. Anand had to fight against his martial arts master too, who is an aide of Sudarsan. Finally, Anand succeeds in eliminating the entire gang saving the micro film.