Tamil Movie Appuchi Gramam Year 2014

Tamil Movie Appuchi Gramam Year 2014


Directed by Vi Anand

Produced by Vishnu Muralee, V. Senthil Kumar

Screenplay by Vi Anand

Story by Vi Anand

Starring Praveen Kumar, Anusha Naik, Suja Varunee, Swasika

Music by Vishal Chandrasekar

Cinematography G. K. Prasad

Edited by Zashi Qmer

Production company Eye Catch Multimedia

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A humble small village near Coimbatore is closeted and backward on many issues. One such is their exposure to science and practicality thereof. Drowned in their personal conflicts, the tiff between different groups - both headed by influential men, and a little bit of love story, Appuchi Gramam is a blissfully ignorant society. Meanwhile, scientists discover that a comet is to hit this village, affecting a big radius of an area around. A warning is passed, followed by periodic efforts to get the villagers to take the truth, but they do not oblige to turn an ear until the day of meteor shower finally arrives. And that topples the lives of everyone.