Tamil Movie Kayavan Year 2013

Tamil Movie Kayavan Year 2013


Director: Venky

Cast: Mithun

Genre : Romance

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Mithun plays the doctor, while his love interest is Twinkle Naisa. STORY Mithun is a doctor whose life is affected by the misdeeds of a group of rowdies. He manages to kidnap them, but being a doctor, he is bound by ethics that prevent him from killing anyone in cold blood, although that is exactly what he would like to do. So he hatches a master plan.

He lines up patients who are in need of organ transplants - heart, eyes, kidneys and liver and harvests the organs from his captives, thereby doing way with them gradually. An investigation is initiated, when all that has taken place comes to light PERFROMANCEMithun does his best While Tiwnike Naisa does what she is expected to do in a hero-centric film