Tamil Movie Nanbanin Kadhali (2007)

Nanbanin Kadhali is a love triangle with what is meant to be a couple of twists and turnsNanbanin and surprises.  But for a movie buff, it's a predictable scenario. Jeeva (Vikramaditya) who takes up residence in Sujata's neighbourhood, falls for her ample charms.

All of which she displays uninhibitedly as she time and again bathes, swims, rises out of the waters and poses for the camera.  

Goa being the backdrop, it's the ideal setting for these acts. Jeeva's attempts to woo Sujata misfires, landing him on the wrong side of her father, a retired nanbaninmilitary man.


Enters into the scene Surya (Kunal). Surya's smooth talking ways and pleasing manners charm Sujata and her family.

In the game of one-upmanship and misunderstandings, who finally gets the girl forms the finale.

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