Tamil Movie Dasavatharam (2008)

Production                      : Aascar V Ravichandran.
Direction                         : K.S.Ravikumar.Dasavatharam
Star-casts                       : Kamal Haasan, Malikka Sherawat, Jayapradha, Asin, Napoleon,
                                          P.Vasu, Seetha, Nagesh and many more.
Music Directors               : Devi Sri Prasad, Himesh Reshammiya.
Lyrics                             : Vaalee, Vairamuthu.
Cinematography              : Ravi Varman.
Editing                            : Thanikachalam.
Art Direction                    : Samir Chanda, M. Prabhakaran and Thota Tharani.
Choreography                  : Brinda and Prasanna.
Stunt Fight Coordinator    : Andy Dixon, Joop Katana, Thyagarajan and Kanal Kannan.
Costume Designing         : Gautami Tadimalla.
Make-up                         : Michael Westmore.
Visual Effects                 : Brian M Jennings.

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Tamil Movie Dasavatharam Player 1

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Perhaps, Dasavatharam – the most expected movie of the year has finally hit the screens on day before yesterday throughout the world. Well, Kamal Haasan playing 10 different roles and high defined computer generated works are the aspects on which many media channels have been drawing their reviews. But the ground reality is the fact that the film has wide lot of message for the masses.

Lets take a sneak glimpse through the synopsis of Dasavatharam and then get on with analysis….

The film opens Govindarajan aka Govind addressing a crowd on the history of God Permual's statue that has travelled all the way from 12th-21st Century. For a greater surprise, you have American President George Bush, Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh and our Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi.

The story takes us back along the 12th Century where Rangaraja Nambi (Kamal Haasan), a staunch Vaishnavite who beats the Raja Kulothunga's (Napoleon) soldiers who are on the urge of removing the statue of God Perumal from the temple.

Unable to bear the activities of Rangaraja Nambi, he is scourged to death by getting thrown into sea along with the statue he loved most. It's a flash forward to 21st Century situated at NASA Research Centre where scientist Govindarajan (Kamal Haasan) is heaped with laurels on the course of formulating an-ultra biological weapon.

American President George Bush (again played by Kamal Haasan) congratulates the entire team for their tremendous work. Later, Govind realizes that he committed a great blunder by discovering a destructive object, but that's too late as certain group of people is there to grab and sell it to terrorists. To prevent this mishap, Govind runs for his life as well for the safety of biological weapon that is placed inside a small box.

An Ex-CIA agent Fletcher (again played by Kamal Haasan) is on the chase of trapping Govind kills his friend as well the wife who is Japanese. To find the way easy in Chennai in India he has another CIA agent (Malikka Sherawat) for his aid. Accidentally, the bio-weapon in box reaches Chennai via parcel service and imagines Govind tries to get it, but on its urge is pushed into the same container in flight of parcel service. Over there he finds it and to prevent it from exploding, he shifts it into a refrigerator box.

Now, the flight attendants catch hold of him and the flight lands in Chennai, where this case is informed to an Intelligence Officer in India named Balram Naidu (none other than Kamal Haasan). Meanwhile, the body of Japanese Girl and her husband reaches her brother Naharasi, a martial arts trainer (You cant recognize this Kamal) in Japan. Sources get him the false news that it was Govind who killed them and immediately he fleets to Chennai for polishing him off. Of course, American President George Bush is also informed that Govind has stolen the weapon and immediately orders to nab him. Eloping from the clutches of Balram Naidu as well Fletcher to get the weapon from being exploded, he reaches the exact address where the parcel was sent. It is a house of Brahmins and of course the staunch Vaishnavites where Andal (Asin) and her 100 year-old granny (Kamal Haasan), who is bit mentally challenged.

Making clear about the situation, Govind gets the weapon in his hands, but Fletcher is right behind him. Its December 22 and rest of the story goes on till 26th, the day Tsunami had its strike. On the attempt of saving the weapon from the clutches of baddies, Govind meets A 8 ft tall Muslim named Kalifullah Khan, Pop Singer Avtar Singh, Vincent Poovagam – A Dalit Leader. If you are gonna miss first 15mins of the film, then we are sure you have to watch it again or else the entire flick remains perplexed for you. Kamal Haasan as staunch Vaishnavite delivers the spell of being a great believer in religion he practices.

A scientist who strives to save the world from danger and also his characterization centers on what is actually happening today. On the role of Dalit leader of Vicnent Poovagan, Kamal Haasan has well delivered the message regarding environmental awareness. Final sequences where a Brahmin old lady hugs Vincent's dead body assuming that he is her son is really a work of masterpiece.

Apart from the sentimental aspects, it touches the lines of communal unity and harmony. As of performance, Kamal Haasan as Fletcher and Japanese Martial Arts Trainer has excelled well especially with the terms of action sequences. Characterization of George Bush and his real life attributes have been well-designed. Music by Himesh Reshamiya and Devi Sri Prasad are really appealing.

Background scoring by Devi Sri Prasad takes your feel of getting adhered to the screen. Himesh Reshmiya excels in all the songs and Kamal Haasan rendering his voice for the song 'OH OH SANAM' wins the applause. The lyrical lines depict the real life character of Kamal Haasan who has insatiable passion for arts.  

Balram Naidu causes you stomachache with his best comedy tracks that goes together with the story. Computer Generated Graphics are really awesome and imagine watching 4-5characters of Kamal are mind blowing. Dialogues are well crafted and the main highlight are the conversation that takes place between Fletcher and Naharasi in the climax (Fletcher says ' Remember Hiroshima?'  and in turn Naharasi replies 'Remember Pearl Harbor?'.

These are the lines that will catch up the quotient of intellectual audiences and Kamal Haasan does splendid job in crafting such a brilliant and complicated story with a spine chilling screenplay and effective dialogues… Summing up with the analysis, Dasavatharam is a flick that crosses the lines of normal themes. This is not something more special to do with 10 roles played by Kamal or computer generated graphics. But a stunning script of blending spirituality together with science and technology, conveying strong messages and of course adding commercial elements to it…

Well, adding commercial elements to such kind of a story wouldn't have been possible without Director K.S.Ravikumar.