Tamil Movie Peraanmai Year 2009

Tamil Movie PeraanmaniTamil Movie Peraanmai Year 2009

Direction: SP Jananathan 

Star-casts: Jeyam Ravi, Roland Kickinger, Vadivelu, Oorvasi, Ponvannan, Dhanushika, Liyashree, Saranya, Varsha (Magha), Vasundhara and others. 

Music: Vidhyasagar

Tamil Movie Peraanmai is about Druva (Ravi), a forest officer hailing from a tribal community and he’s always deprived by his higher official Ganapathy Ram (Ponvannan).

Druva has to train the college students of NCC and selects five students (Dhanushika, Liyarshri, Saranya, Varsha and Vasundhara). The girls are so tough and never respect Druva, because of his tribal origin.

On a forest visit, they witness few terrorists from foreign country are planning to devastate the Indian spacecraft to be launched in the forest.

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