Tamil Movie Villan Year 2002


Tamil Movie Villan Year 2002

Directed by K.S. Ravikumar

Produced by Chakarvarthy

Written by Yuji Sethu

Starring Ajith Kumar, Meena, Kiran Rathod, Karunaas, Ramesh Khanna

Music by Vidyasagar

Release date(s) November 4, 2002


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Tamil Movie Villan is about the twin brothers, who run away from their home on hearing the fate of one of them. One of the twins is a bit mentally retarded and he is Vishnu while the other one who looks after him is Shiva.

Shiva takes care of Vishnu all the way and one day Vishnu is bashed by the film's villan Fefsi Vijayan who breaks his hands and legs. Somehow Shiva brings up Vishnu with the help of Sujatha who happens to be the caretaker of an ashram.

To help all the needy and the handicapped, big brother Shiva decides to loot from the corrupt and we are taken for a joy ride filled with some interesting comedy which forms a part of the screenplay.

Ramesh Kanna, Meena, Crane Manohar and Vasu Vikram help Shiva to loot. Shiva is a bus conductor and Ramesh Kanna is the bus driver. Kiran falls for Shiva after a small bash and all those scenes are enjoyable. Meena sacrifices her love for Kiran and in the end gets Vishnu.